Clickable Gets Social With Facebook Ads

<img src=""> It will soon be possible to compare the performance of search and social ad campaigns side by side. <a href="http://www.

Hulu's Internal Training Video (And Its Alien Plot) Revealed

<img src="" alt="" />If you head over to <a href="">Hulu</a> right now and start watching a video, you'll notice

WolframAlpha Admits That We're Better At Math

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-169530" title="w" src="" alt="" />For the past several months, I've given <a href="

So that's what my universal remote was missing

<img src="" />Looking for more ways to go green? Powerplus just introduced the Leopard, a solar-powered univ

First iPad reviews hit the net

The first iPad reviews, from tech grand-daddies David Pogue and Walt Mossberg among others, are live. Go read. Don’t have the patience? Shame on you, and TL;DR follows.

What the – ABC got their mitts on an iPad already? It’s not the kind of hands-on that will satisfy hardcore blog-readers, but the

April Fools Shenanigans: The 2010 Definitive List

Time to live blog April Fools 2010! Some of us got a jump start on the time-honored tradition (not to name any names here), but we still have about 24 hours of shenanigans left. As the new hire, I hav

Towel-folding robot is adorable, impractical

Of all the things I need to fold, towels are the easiest. Probably because before long, they’ll be hanging on towel hooks, so there’s no pressure to fold them in any particularly attractiv

Our alien ancestors have returned in their pliers mothership

Look up to see their beautiful craft emerging from the heavens. There should be no doubting that aliens helped create the wonders of the world now. Clearly they are masters at simple tools. [via Reddi

OLPC and Pixel Qi, sitting in a tree, C-R-O-S-S L-I-C-E-N-S-I-N-G

<img src="" />I tried a few ways of making that familiar playground taunt work syllable-wise, but it was not meant to be. Slightly more pro

Waterproof external hard drive: yes please

<img src="" />It's nice that these hard drives should be announced right in the middle of a week of <a href="

Full-frame Canoncake is 5Delicious

Mmm… megapixely. [via PDNPulse, Daily Front Row, Pretty Foods]

Video demo: IE9 with NVIDIA Ion hardware acceleration

<img src="">We'll soon live in an age when <a href="">netbooks</a> have both CPUs and GPU

Mobile app developers, it's time to join the circus

<img class="shot" title="appcircus_logo" src="" alt="" width="233" height="103" />OK, it's not really a circus. More of a traveling e

Video: New Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer dances its way into our hearts

Hey! You there! Do you want to see a new Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer? No, not an old one—a new one! Well here you go~!

Indispensible to nature photography: the hide

<img src="" />I have no doubt that many of our readers have watched <em>Planet Earth</em> and possibly the newer <em>Life</em>, perhaps the t

Introducing The Do-It-Yourself CrunchPad Kit [Video]

<img src='' class="shot" alt="" />Those you you who've been following the <a href="">CrunchPad</a> p

All The Cool Kids are Coming to Disrupt. Are You?

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-169415" title="tcdisrupt" src="" alt="" width="276" height="82" /> Do you want to know about TV e

New FedEx truck: it's electric!

<img src="" />Good on FedEx, for doing this. The USPS has been talking about going electric for their fleet, and it makes s

Not really a big surprise: iPhone multitasking to use "Expose-like" interface

We know iPhone OS 4 is in the pipes, and I imagine this little nugget of information is far from the only inklings we’ll have of new iPhone features over the next few months. Despite the extraor
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