New FedEx truck: it's electric!

Good on FedEx, for doing this. The USPS has been talking about going electric for their fleet, and it makes sense. After all, they put massive amounts of miles on their vehicles, and that’s got to make for a pretty serious carbon foot print.

FedEx showed off their new all-electric trucks this week, based on a design used by FedEx in the UK. The new trucks are expected to debut in LA this coming June. FedEx is being conservative in their launch however, starting out with just 4 of the new vehicles. It’s understandable that they would be cautious, since FedEx has stated that the battery system required to propel the new vehicles costs more then a luxury sedan. You have to give them props for looking at the concept though, it’s more then we’ve seen from the US Postal service.

[via Fast Company]

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