• Xobni Brings Twitter To Your Inbox

    Earlier tonight, Xobni quietly released, at least to some users, a new version of its Outlook plug-in that brings Twitter streams into your email in an intelligent way. Instead of acting like any other Twitter client and showing you the full stream of everyone you follow, it shows you only the recent Tweets of the person whose email you are reading, whether or not you follow them on Twitter. … Read More

  • The iPhone App and Daniel Johnston

    Fans of Daniel Johnston, rejoice! There is now a beautifully cell-shaded, tilt-controlled puzzle game just for you. “Hi, How Are You?” features images and music from the man himself, enclosed in a iPhone app that proves to actually be an entertaining game. Read More

  • Facebook Spreads Its Crowdsourced Translations Across the Web, And The World

    Facebook has long relied on its own users to help translate the site into more than 65 different languages. Now, Facebook wants to unleash its army of volunteer translators on other sites and apps across the Web. Any site or app that use Facebook Connect can now tap into the Facebook community to get help translating their site into any language that Facebook Translations supports. As… Read More

  • NASA announces a contest to choose the next contest

    Apparently you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to help NASA. The space agency just posted a request for suggestions for future prize contests on their website, and anyone may submit an idea. Read More

  • Touching: All Rumors Point To The End Of Keys/Buttons

    Anyone who has followed Apple news/rumors/patents over the past couple of years has probably noticed a certain trend emerging: Apple seems to be slowly shifting its entire line of products to touch-based computing. That is to say, it’s moving its products away from buttons and keys, towards manipulation through a touchscreen interface. While obviously, MacBook trackpads have used some… Read More

  • Belkin wants to save the boobs

    Belkin announced two new iPod related products today, a adjustable arm strap, and a protective case. What makes these special? Both are branded with the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure logo, and a portion of the sales go to the prevention of breast cancer. Read More

  • New Microsoft Courier video shows more of interface, suggests limitations

    The trickle of news about Microsoft’s Courier device continues, and this time there’s a bit more of a realistic walkthrough. The device is being shown to be much more of a next-generation notepad than all-purpose tablet, and that’s probably for the best; Microsoft overreaching with a device like this could result in a real crash and burn. I suppose the best way to picture… Read More

  • Funambol: open source mobile cloud sync (with contest!)

    Smartphones are great. Ubiquitous data access is great. Mobile computing is great. Unfortunately, each smartphone represents its own little walled garden of convenience. Apple’s iPhone is tied tightly with iTunes and various other Apple services. Android is tied tightly with Google services. Each manufacturer makes a modicum of effort to allow their smartphone to sync with someone… Read More

  • The Verizon Hub has been discontinued, try not to get upset

    Oh, the Verizon Hub. You came to the market just a few years too late. There was a time when a VoIP device with instant messaging capabilities would have been welcomed into the kitchens everywhere but that time was 2006 and not 2009. Now, that market has primarily moved onto full featured smartphones and somewhat killing the need for a home base type device. And so the Hub is no more. Verizon… Read More

  • Sean Parker Joins Yammer's Board Of Directors

    Sean Parker is no stranger to Internet success. He’s 28 years old and has already helped start four very well-known services on the web: Napster, Plaxo, Causes, and of course, Facebook. And now he’s taking his impressive resume to Yammer, where he is joining the enterprise microblogging service’s Board of Directors, we’ve learned. Yammer, which won the top prize at… Read More

  • Holiday Xbox 360 bundles ahoy: Lego Batman + Pure

    While I’m sure many of you hang onto Major Nelson’s every word, you might have missed these new holiday bundles that Microsoft is cooking up. There’s the Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle, and the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Game Pack. What do these bundles contain???? Read More

  • MySpace Co-Founder And CTO Aber Whitcomb Leaves, To Be Replaced By Alex Maghen

    MySpace has just announced that CTO and co-founder Aber Whitcomb will be leaving the company, to be replaced by MySpace Music’s current CTO Alex Maghen. The news doesn’t come as much of a surprise — we speculated that Whitcomb would be leaving as part of the core executive shakeup that swept through MySpace last April (if anything it’s surprising that Whitcomb stayed… Read More

  • Review: 3M MPro 120 pico-projector

    The pico-projector market is a new one, and the products are still evolving. It really wasn’t very long ago that this product’s predecessor, the MPro 110, hit the market. It got pretty lame reviews (before which I prematurely called it awesome), but that isn’t really indicative of the worth of this kind of device. A projector you can keep in your pocket? Genius. Now they… Read More

  • Use a guitar controller to play poker

    Bored? Lazy? Trendy? All of the above? You can turn a run-of-the-mill Guitar Hero or Rock Band controller into a weapon used for checking, folding, calling, raising, lowering, and more – YES! You can play online poker with a guitar controller! Finally! Read More

  • Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn back with more EFX magic

    My favoritest guy who plays who I’ve met recently, Jack Conte, has put together a nice version of Single Ladies by Beyonce with Nataly Dawn. While he and Nataly don’t dress up in leotards and heels – they didn’t get a huge budget for this – they do involve a Polaroid camera and a bowl of Coco Puffs. Great fun all around. Read More

  • Make music: The PSP version of Beaterator is available today. iPhone users have to wait a little while yet.

    Rockstar’s Beaterator comes out today (and so does Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days… you couldn’t find two more different publishers in Rockstar and Square Enix) for the PSP. We’ve highlighted it in the past because A) Timbaland is one of the better “big name” producers out there and B) I have spent more than a few hours in Ableton Live and the like. It’s… Read More

  • Cool $40 HTPC remote features trackpad, QWERTY keypad

    Here’s what you get when you take a BlackBerry and replace the screen with a trackpad – a nice remote control for an HTPC. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac and uses wireless RF signals to communicate with an included USB receiver. Read More

  • Financial Startups Demo Their Dashboards At Finovate

    The following guest post is written by Larry Chiang, a co-founder of Duck9 who also regularly blogs for BusinessWeek. Today he is reporting from the Finovate startup conference. At the FinovateStartup conference in New York City today, it is clear that financial startups are pushing forward regardless of funding woes or a lackluster economy Companies here at Finovate center around… Read More

  • Former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos Joins Benchmark As Entrepreneur In Residence

    MÃ¥rten Gustaf Mickos, former CEO of MySQL, is Benchmark Capital‘s newest Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR). Mickos served as chief executive officer for the open source database company from January 2001 to February 2008, when Sun Microsystems acquired MySQL for $1 billion. Benchmark was a relatively early investor in the company; they participated in the $20 million Series B round… Read More

  • The Eigenharp: Yeah, I don't know what's going on here either

    So this is apparently an electronic instrument, handmade in England, that has been in the works for 7 years. It seems to be a cross between a piano and a harp with a set of keys and a strip controller for handling pitch bending. It seems there’s also a built-in arranger as well as a drum machine. You can also pitch-bend the keys as you play. You can sign up for the release info at… Read More

  • Ruby-On-Rails Startup FiveRuns Acquired By WorkThink

    Ruby-on-Rails startup FiveRuns has been acquired by WorkThink, according to FiveRuns’ site. FiveRuns provides a variety of monitoring products for Ruby on Rails and related open source and commercial systems. Built on Rails and delivered as a hosted service, FiveRuns’ products manage the complete Rails application lifecycle — from installation to production. Products… Read More

  • Dropbox Meets The iPhone; Access Files On The Go

    Dropbox, the easy to use file access manager which syncs your files across all your computers and the web, has introduced an iPhone application to make it even easier to access your files anywhere in the world. After almost 7 weeks of waiting, Apple has finally approved the application. With this new iPhone app, users will get access to all their Dropbox documents, PDF’s, pictures… Read More

  • FOTOBOX Plus promises dead simple photo slideshow creation

    Interesting. This little doodad is called FOTOBOX Plus. It’s an $80 USB apparatus that reads SD cards from your digital camera. The idea is that you take a bunch of photos on your digital camera and then pop the SD card into the FOTOBOX Plus, which goes into your computer’s USB port. At that point, built-in slideshow software builds an automatic slideshow from your photos. Read More

  • Apps For Everything: Apple Continues To Try To Improve App Discovery

    Apple today has rolled out a new series of pages on the iPhone section of its website called “Apps For Everything.” The idea here is to create an easy way for consumers to find apps based around certain categories that they may be interested in. The categories are: Read More

  • Video: Curb Your Enthusiam illustrates how hard it is to open a box in the year 2009

    My sincerest apologies for not putting this on here sooner, but I’ve been busying Warsong Gulch. Anyhow, here we have one of the funniest men on Planet Earth (along with Louis CK and Ron Bennington), Larry David, in the opening scene of this week’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, dealing with something that we’ve all had to deal with: opening that damn plastic shell that… Read More

  • With oDesk's iPhone App, Bosses Can Now Monitor Workers From The Beach

    Startup oDesk was voted as a TechCrunch50’s demopit winner thanks to the launch of a new iPhone application that allows project administrators to monitor the work stream of their team members while they’re on the go. Today, oDesk’s free app is available on the App Store. The stream features photos of your team’s workplace, keystroke events, and lets you know when… Read More

  • Epson Japan announces Dreamio projector with built-in DVD player

    Only very few home electronics companies dare selling projectors housing a DVD player. There’s a good reason for this: The things aren’t really a picnic for the eyes, as this example from last month shows. And even established brands like Epson fail to deliver well-designed hardware in this niche. Case in point: Their new dreamio EH-DM30 [JP]. Read More

  • Paperboy: The Movie is actually a better idea than Hollywood’s had in years

    With the Hollywood Creative Machine (TM) officially out of new movie ideas, we’ve had to sit through countless craptastic remakes of movies about toys from the 80’s. While the above trailer for “Paperboy: The Movie” will likely never go into full production, you never know which junior-level assistant to the assistant to the associate producer might actually pitch it… Read More

  • T-Mobile Moto CLIQ to cost $200 on a two-year contract

    Even after the pre-sale countdown for the Moto CLIQ began this morning, we were left with two burning questions: How much would it cost, and when would we get’em? Fortunately, T-Mobile didn’t leave us hanging for too long. According to the press release that just hit the wire, Moto’s Android-flavored, QWERTY-packin’ baby is going to set us back $200 bucks alongside a… Read More

  • The VC, The Professor, And The Valley Of Death

    Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Vivek Wadhwa, an entrepreneur turned academic. He is a Visiting Scholar at UC-Berkeley, Senior Research Associate at Harvard Law School and Executive in Residence at Duke University. Follow him on Twitter at @vwadhwa. Everyone seems to be waiting for the next great discovery which will change the world. But, believe it or not, the next Internet… Read More

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