T-Mobile Moto CLIQ to cost $200 on a two-year contract


Even after the pre-sale countdown for the Moto CLIQ began this morning, we were left with two burning questions: How much would it cost, and when would we get’em? Fortunately, T-Mobile didn’t leave us hanging for too long.

According to the press release that just hit the wire, Moto’s Android-flavored, QWERTY-packin’ baby is going to set us back $200 bucks alongside a two year contact, and will ship out on November 2nd.

That price, unfortunately, kills our buzz a bit. While the Cliq looks like a pretty darned decent handset, we were really counting on it coming out on the cheap. Not for our own sake, mind you – but for Android’s. Android needs a good, dirt cheap (Sub-$100, at the most) handset to start winning over the masses. Combine the early rumors that indicated that this would be ultra-budget friendly with the fact that the CLIQ looks a bit.. well, ultra-budget friendly, and we certainly had our hopes high for something low. Oh well.