• Twitter is Down! (I forgot how much I miss typing that)

    Twitter is down. Super down. The status blog is silent on the issue, although the error message untruthfully says the site is down for database maintenance. If it was maintenance, it would be noted on the status blog. This is maintenance in the same way open heart surgery after a heart attack is maintenance. We’ll know soon enough what happened. But for now it’s just nice to… Read More

  • Amazon Web Services Launches CloudFront

    Amazon made good on their promise to launch a content delivery network by the end of the year this morning with the release of CloudFront. Pricing in the U.S. and Europe starts at $.17/GB transferred, ranging down to $.09/GB for transfers over 150 TB/month. They’re somewhat higher in Asia. This isn’t the lowest CDN pricing out there by far, but it’s pay for usage only… Read More

  • Can you beat Mega Man 9 in less than 25 minutes? This guy did

    http://dl.speeddemosarchive.com/mediaplayer.swf Yes, the fine art of Speedrunning is alive and well, especially with this second renaissance of retro games and remakes brought on by the rise of the virtual console. I’m still deciding which system to buy in order to play this excellent game, so I haven’t watched this for fear of spoilers, but that shouldn’t stop you. Read More

  • It's Official. Facebook Is Running A Protection Racket On App Developers

    Earlier today Facebook released details on its new Verified App Program for third party developers. Basically, application developers (there are 48,000 applications on Facebook today) can apply to become a Verified App. If they pass they get a badge and special placement in the Application directory, plus increased communication limits with users, increased visibility in the news feed and… Read More

  • Core i7 hitting Dells, Alienwares, Gateways

    Those big packages from Intel must have arrived at all the custom prebuilt computer sites, because all of a sudden they’re all making a racket about how their latest setups rock the new Core i7s like a hurricane: Dell has them in their XPS 730x starting today at $2K Alienware has them in the X-58 series starting at $1650 (or $3700, your choice) Gateway has them in the 6800 series… Read More

  • G1 capable of multi-touch input? Looks like it.

    Whenever the G1 vs iPhone debate gets underway, iPhone purists are quick to flag the G1’s lack of multi-touch input support. Turns out, it might just be able to handle it after all – on the hardware end, at least. Whilst tearing his G1’s workings apart line-by-line, a crafty coder going by RyeBrye came across an interesting artifact. It seems the driver for the Synaptics… Read More

  • Samsung Gravity hits T-Mobile today

    T-Mobile said the Samsung Gravity would show up on Nov. 17th and, sure enough, it has arrived. While the Gravity might not have the same pull as some of the bigger, less wallet-friendly QWERTY handsets on the market, at $49.99 (on a 2-year contract) it’s a decent pick for anyone looking to wear down their thumbs without wearing down their savings. Read the rest at MobileCrunch >>
    Read More

  • Review: Kensington Portable Power Outlet

    Quick Version: This handy, compact, five-in-one power doodad from Kensington turns one outlet into three plug-ins and two USB charging ports for $24.99. Read More

  • New honeycomb tire takes 'run-flat' to a whole new level

    US Soldiers and Michigan drivers share one thing in common. The absolute need for better run-flat tires. Soldiers have to deal with IEDs and weapon fire where Michigan drivers have to pilot over post-Winter sinkholes. Both can be disastrous for the tires and wheels so that’s where this honeycomb tire enters. Current run-flat solutions still require some air pressure to be present… Read More

  • The Clean Mountain Can or The Mt. Everest Poop Collector

    Ever wonder where everyone, you know, goes when climbing Mt. Everest and other such peaks? Personally, I have lost sleep over it but no more. This simple looking container, dubbed the Clean Mountain Can, stores frozen poo in a portable and smell-free method. Apparently some Everest-loving climbers have been spending their free time cleaning up the mountain after decades of free-wheeling… Read More

  • Google's Voice Search Finally Hits The iPhone

    Google’s search-by-voice application is finally available on the App Store. To grab it, visit this link (the page still shows the old version, but you’ll download the new one). The application was originally announced on Friday, leading to widespread excitement that quickly turned to unrest as the application failed to make its debut on the App Store. The delay led to criticism… Read More

  • Kodak suing Samsung and LG over patent infringement

    Good lord, sir. There are so many lawsuits about that you can’t swing a cat without hitting a lawyer. IBM is suing Papermaster, Papermaster is suing IBM, Apple and Psystar are suing each other, the US is suing LCD makers, Spansion is suing Samsung, and god knows what else just from the last couple weeks has escaped my memory.
    And now Kodak is getting in on the feeding frenzy, and is… Read More

  • Apple issues MacBook glass trackpad patch

    The CrunchGear staff has, over the years, grown weary of most Apple products being borked in their first iteration, so we’ve all refrained from purchasing a new MacBook and/or MacBook Pro as they tend to be skittish. But now that Apple has released the patch to fix those wonky trackpad clicks not registering Devin may go out and snag one of those beautiful beasts. This firmware… Read More

  • Boy collapses after 15-hour World of Warcraft session

    Flickr’d Oh, kids. If you’re going to play your shiny new Death Knight for 15 hours in a row, you’d better make sure to prepare yourself, mentally and physically, for the experience. A 15-year-old in the Netherlands didn’t, and he ended up in the hospital. Read More

  • SGN's iFun Turns iPhone Into PC Game Controller

    We’ve had a blast playing SGN’s suite of Wii-like games over the last few months – iGolf, iBowl and iBaseball (basketball, tennis and boxing are coming soon). The apps are being downloaded like crazy on the App store, and no wonder – you get to swing your iPhone all over the place while you play the games. Now SGN is rolling out something a little different. iFun turns… Read More

  • Carbon nanotube speakers are a thousandth the width of a human hair, have no bass

    Well, I can only assume they have no bass; “nano” seems to imply less than woofer-level low-end. It seems that researchers at Tsinghua University in China have created a “speaker” that can transmit sound as well as conventional speakers, but without magnets or any moving parts whatsoever. They’re made from films of carbon nanotubes and are lightweight… Read More

  • Yang Steps Down As Yahoo CEO, Search For Successor Begins

    Expect Yahoo’s share price to jump tomorrow – Jerry Yang will be stepping down as CEO of the company, a job that he took on an interim basis in June 2007. Yang will return to his former role as Chief Yahoo, and will remain on the board of directors. The company has hired executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles to find the new CEO. This was an unavoidable event, and in… Read More

  • 5 seriously overhyped digital cameras

    Although I’m a big fan of the Casio EX-F1 and wrote at length last week on how major the RED announcement was, I can’t disagree with this list. The D90 hasn’t lived up to its hype, the 1D Mk III does have serious problems, the Scarlet is simply not viable as a DSLR, and the EX-F1 is a one-trick pony. This isn’t to say that these cameras are weak — on the… Read More

  • Spansion suing Samsung over flash memory patents [Update]

    Smaller, lesser known (to Joe Blow consumer) tech companies have been known to take on the big guys with lawsuits that may or may not hold up in court, but this one seems to hold a bit of water. At least it appears that way based on the Reuters and WSJ reports on the matter. Spansion, an offshoot of AMD, is accusing Samsung and four of its U.S. subsidiaries of infringing on multiple patents… Read More

  • There won't be a Street Fighter IV arcade release in the U.S.

    Even though you can find imported stand-up arcade units of Street Fighter IV in the big cities, Capcom will not officially releasing it here. You all know why: arcades in the U.S. have been dead for several years—when was the last time you or someone you know said “let’s go to the arcade”?—so it’s not worth Capcom’s time to release it here. That… Read More

  • Wait, is that a MacBook Pro in this Vista ad?

    The above is a scan of some Windows Vista promotional material. But, is that an old MacBook Pro this perfect family is using? Now, Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on silver laptops chassis but wouldn’t it have been wiser to have something more distinctly PC? Read More

  • Facebook Rolls Out Verified App Program, Plus One Hell Of A Revenue Model For Themselves

    Facebook is launching its “Verified Apps” program today. The program was first announced over the summer at their F8 Developer Conference – Third party applications will be segmented into “Great Apps” (currently reserved for iLike and Causes), “Verified Apps” (trusted apps, just not the best of the best), and everything else. Facebook says they expect… Read More

  • Digital transition 90 days away. Are you and your family ready?

    The Digital Transition is mere months away and still, many have questions and misconceptions about the February 17, 2009 switch. It can be confusing but your family is relying on you to get it right. Follow the link for some frequently asked questions and answers. Read More

  • Multiply Gets $100M Valuation As Southeast Asian Media Conglomerate Buys 5% Stake

    Philippines-based media company ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation has paid $5 million for a 5% stake in Multiply, the media-centric social network with a userbase primarily composed of adults. The investment pegs Multiply’s valuation at $100 million, which is within range (though on the lower end) of our social network valuations based on past deals. ABS-CBN also has the right to… Read More

  • Ricoh ‘green’ sign debuts in Times Square on Dec 4

    Green, green, green! It’s the marketing word that makes you think you’re doing something to help this planet, and now it’ll be found at the crossroads of the world, Times Square. (Actually, Times Square is a hell hole, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t popular.) Yes, it’s that “green” Ricoh billboard we first talked about during the summer, but… Read More

  • G1 capable of multi-touch input? Looks like it.

    Whenever the G1 vs iPhone debate gets underway, iPhone purists are quick to flag the G1’s lack of multi-touch input support. Turns out, it might just be able to handle it after all -on the hardware end, at least. Whilst tearing his G1’s workings apart line-by-line, a crafty coder going by RyeBrye came across an interesting artifact. It seems the driver for the Synaptics… Read More

  • Hands on: Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid and some chain saws

    A couple weeks back I was privileged enough to chop down some wood in NYC’s Central Park thanks to Husqvarna and their easy to use and almost fool proof chain saws. I may be from Oregon, but I don’t think I’ve touched a chain saw in over 10 years. I also saw Husqvarna’s recently announced solar hybrid lawnmower. The Automower reminded me of a turtle with solar… Read More

  • Valve Complete Pack: Every Valve game ever for $99

    Buddy, if you thought the Orange Box was a bargain, have I got a deal for you. This is an excellent strategic move on Valve’s part, because consider the following: people who have not bought the Orange Box at this point likely have not because they’ve never even gotten started on the Valve Canon and are unlikely to spontaneously do so; it’s be like just deciding on a whim… Read More

  • Woman wants to replace her glass eye with a webcam

    Or something like that. This little news item is far more homegrown and far less momentous than the bionic eye we posted about some time ago, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. For one thing, the goal is different: this woman doesn’t want sight returned to her missing eye, she just wants to be able to take pictures out of it — which makes things a hell of a… Read More

  • Jinni Helps You Pick The Perfect Flick

    Movies are easier to access than ever, but many of us still struggle with the age old question, “What to watch?” The days of milling around Blockbuster may be gone for many people, but most cable boxes and online movie stores offer little in the way of movie recommendations. Jinni, a new startup launching today in private beta, is looking to help. The site has compiled an index… Read More

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