Core i7 hitting Dells, Alienwares, Gateways

Those big packages from Intel must have arrived at all the custom prebuilt computer sites, because all of a sudden they’re all making a racket about how their latest setups rock the new Core i7s like a hurricane:

  • Dell has them in their XPS 730x starting today at $2K
  • Alienware has them in the X-58 series starting at $1650 (or $3700, your choice)
  • Gateway has them in the 6800 series starting at a suspiciously low $1250, considering how fancy the case is.

And of course they have all the other fixins as well.Keep in mind that Core i7 is not a magic bullet, though companies will try to tell you otherwise. It’s a fundamentally faster processor than the Core2, but a fast Core2 can still take on a slow Core i7, so check your hard hardware sites for the latest reviews before plunking down for a budget next-gen processor.