• I Don’t Want To Be A Diversity Candidate

    I Don’t Want To Be A Diversity Candidate

    Editor’s note: Guest author Bindu Reddy is the CEO of MyLikes, a word-of-mouth ad network funded by former Googlers.  When we were raising our angel round, I had a phone conversation with a prominent Silicon Valley investor who did not have time to meet me face-to-face but was interested in investing in MyLikes because I was a female entrepreneur—aka the “diversity… Read More

  • Why Women Rule The Internet

    Editor’s note:  This guest post is written by Aileen Lee, Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.  Aileen focuses on investing in early stage consumer internet ventures and previously  worked at Gap, Odwalla, The Northface and Morgan Stanley.  She was also founding CEO of KP-backed RMG Networks.  Full disclosure: some of the companies mentioned below are KP-backed companies. Read More

  • Men and Women Entrepreneurs: Not That Different

    Men and Women Entrepreneurs: Not That Different

    In any debate, it is easy to revert to anecdote and highlight examples that exemplify one point of view. Recent TechCrunch posts about women in tech have done just that. The latest of these claimed that women don’t want to run startups, because they’d rather have children. I can understand why: TechCrunch and its editors focus on the Silicon Valley/Web 2.0 world. In this world… Read More

  • Women Don't Want To Run Startups Because They'd Rather Have Children

    Women Don't Want To Run Startups Because They'd Rather Have Children

    My company, Brazen Careerist, is moving from Madison, WI, to Washington, DC, where our new CEO lives. Running the company has been absolute hell. Not that I didn’t know it would be hell. It’s my third startup. Each has had its own hell before we were solidly funded, but this one was so bad that my electricity was turned off, and I really thought I was going to die from stress. So… Read More

  • This new JVC "crystal" camcorder is for women only

    It’s not the first “women-only” camcorder out there, but JVC’s Everio GZ-HM350 (announced [JP] today) has surely the best specs. It’s not based on an existing model but rather one of three new full HD camcorders JVC announced today (the black and silver models have the same specs as this special version). Read More

  • Panasonic announces world's lightest full HD camera, targets it at women

    Panasonic yesterday announced [JP] what it says is the world’s lightest full HD camcorder, the HDC-TM35. Sized at 51.5×107.5×57.5mm and weighing just 185g, the device is mainly targeted at women and will be available in white, purple, grey, and “gold”. Read More

  • Fixing Societal Problems: It Starts With Mom and Dad

    I am quite used to controversy—unsurprisingly, given the topics that I have been exploring with my academic research. But what has really been a surprise is the hornet’s nest that I seem to have stirred up with my two TechCrunch posts and BusinessWeek column on the dearth of women entrepreneurs. At every event I’ve been to recently, women have come up to me to say thanks… Read More

  • For women only: Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-W530D

    Sony Japan today announced [JP] a new digital camera that’s specifically geared towards women. Technically speaking, the DSC-W530D isn’t really a new device (it was unveiled earlier this year in Japan and is available for $200 in the US, too). But Sony changed the design to (possibly) make the Cyber-shot more appealing to female customers. Read More

  • Buffalo announces "women-only" USB sticks

    Are you a woman? Are you sick of seeing all those manly USB sticks around you every day? Then these four new models announced [JP] by Buffalo in Japan today might be right for you. Read More

  • A Fix for Discrimination: Follow the Indian Trails

    A Fix for Discrimination: Follow the Indian Trails

    Women, Hispanics and blacks have always been underrepresented in the ranks of the Valley’s tech companies. A new analysis by the Mercury News shows that from 2000 to 2008, the proportion of women tech workers in Silicon Valley dropped from 25.3% to 23.8%, and that the national numbers dropped from 30% to 27.4%. In 2008, blacks and Hispanics constituted only 1.5% and 4.7% respectively… Read More

  • Shock: Men are loathe to read instruction manuals, women have no such qualms

    So I was browsing Pravda, as I do from time to time, when I stumbled upon this fascinating story. It seems that women are far more likely to read a gadget’s instruction manual than men. It’s the old, “men never ask for directions” bit, yes. Read More

  • Lingerie has built-in GPS: Safety measure or unnecessary spying?

    Leave it to the Daily Mail to bring this controversy to light. What is it all about, you ask? A Brazilian designer has created lingerie that has built-in GPS. This has caused women’s rights groups to freak out, alleging that that the designer has created nothing more than a modern day chastity belt. Since it has built-in GPS, men—husbands and boyfriends—theoretically will… Read More

  • PowerShot E1: Canon's women-only digital camera

    First Sega Toys girls-only portable audio player, now this: The PowerShot E1, a new digital camera from Canon [JP], specifically made for women. The company has presented a few new cameras in the last days but this model is unique in its own way: Canon says it used relaxation, positive feelings and friendliness as the main guidelines for the design of the camera. The PowerShot E1 comes in… Read More

  • Costume: The portable hard drive for senoritas

    Someone took the time to throw together a render of a portable hard drive for girls, the Costume. Overtly targeting girls with technology can be dangerous proposition; dipping a phone in pink and calling it “for girls, now!” usually has less than a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anywhere, but Costume seems to have been designed with care. It’s supposed to match… Read More

  • Swedish women more frustrated by computers than men

    A recent survey by Swedish computer magazine PC för Alla, (PC for Everyone) reportedly found that women get more frustrated than men over just about every aspect of computers and using the Web. While many women could say they find men more frustrating than computers, since we don’t speak Swedish its unclear whether the magazine included that question. Here’s Pingdom’s… Read More

  • Pregnant women, beware: Cellphones linked childhood behavioral problems

    A new study has found links between cellphone use during pregnancy and behavioral problems in children later in life. Just the type of news the cellphone industry wants to hear, I’m sure. The study, conducted by UCLA and a Danish university, sampled some 13,000 kids. It found that children whose mothers had used a cellphone “two or three” times a day had increased likelihoods… Read More

  • Live from the Miss Playboy Mobile press conference

    Doug Aamoth and Peter Ha here in Hugh Hefner’s private loft on the 34th floor of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Nine girls will be competing for the title of “Miss Mobile Playboy” as a kickoff to Playboy’s second generation of mobile content. Read More

  • BFF Post: Women gamers wanted – perhaps a bit too much…

    Great post by JAS on women in gaming. As in any industry, when it get’s big it only wants to get bigger. How do you do this? Easy. Find what demographics are not the biggest fans and make something to convert them into fans. The question is, when your weakest demographic becomes the majority target will the majority suffer? Women. Women have consistently been targeted as the… Read More

  • Belkin Supports Boobs

    Belkin announced today the launch of two products benefiting the fight against breast cancer. It has pledged 10 percent of the proceeds from a new pink iPod nano Sport Armband and the “Hope” Remix Metal Nano case. Belkin will give a minimum of $100,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The items will be available on May 6 for $30 each. Here is your opportunity to wear pink and not… Read More

  • You Work it Girl: Women's Fitness

    Let’s face it: Almost all fitness gear, from free weights to running shoes, is designed with men in mind. When companies make a “women’s version,” it’s usually clad in pink plastic. Well, today we’re taking back the gym and saying “No!” to Hello Kitty-themed treadmills. Here are some great women’s fitness gadgets to keep you running… Read More