Windows XP

  • Windows 7 Now More Popular Than Vista (But XP Still King)

    Usage of Windows 7 had finally passed that of Windows Vista, according to data from Net Applications. As it stands, 14.46 percent of Internet users are using Windows 7, compared to 14.34 percent for Windows Vista. The king remains Windows XP, which stands at a remarkable 61.9 percent—remarkable because XP is nearly 9 years old. Read More

  • Windows update causes Windows XP to freak out

    Microsoft makes it so hard to like Windows. The company released an update on Tuesday that seems to have borked a number of Windows XP installations. There’s a number of message board threads wherein people are complaining that, since the update, their computers boot right to a blue screen of death. Sigh. Read More

  • Testing finds Windows XP better for netbook battery life than Windows 7

    Somebody should tell Doug “netbook” Aamoth that Windows 7 seems to be a battery hog. The fine folks at Laptop magazine have put three different netbooks to the test, determining their respective battery life under both Windows XP and Windows 7. Looks like Windows XP is the winner. Read More

  • Yup, the Acer Aspire One AOD250 dual boots Windows XP and Android, all right

    Oh, netbooks. Doug loves ‘em, but I’m still not convinced of their vitalness. Is it neat to see a tiny little computer zip around the Internet? Sure, yeah. Can I go about my business without ever having owned one? So far, so good! I bring this up because yesterday I was able to goof around—in truth, that’s probably the most accurate phrase to describe it, no matter… Read More

  • The xpPhone runs Windows XP and will probably be produced

    There is a good amount of quiet hesitation about the xpPhone around the interwebs this morning. It seems that everyone wants to believe that the xpPhone will make it to market, but it almost seems to good to be true. The specs list an unspecified AMD Super Mobile CPU powering the system and it will be configurable with a wide range of SSD and HDD options. But best of all, the company lets… Read More

  • From the Good Name Department: ITG xpPhone

    Truth be told, I’d be more inclined to buy one of those old people cellphones than something like this (or the iPhone for that matter!) The ITG xpPhone, which will debut at Computex, is, yes, a cellphone that, yes, runs Windows XP. Yes. As a Mac user, the only reason I’d boot into Windows XP is to fire up uTorrent, or play Team Fortress 2, neither of which I see running too well on… Read More

  • Sony upgrades the Vaio P, ditches Vista for Windows XP

    Good to see that, sometimes, even the biggest tech companies can come to their senses. Today Sony in Japan announced a new Vaio P model, the Vaio P50 [JP], which comes with Windows XP SP3 instead of the hopelessly wrong Vista Sony shipped their Ps with so far. Read More

  • Windows 7 reveals XP mode AKA the IT guy's wet dream

    So there’s going to be an XP mode in Windows 7. What does that mean? For users of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate – sorry, lower-end users! – you will get a full copy of Windows XP that will run under a virtual processor. However, instead of creating a new desktop environment, the XP mode will bring the application up as a window inside Windows 7. This means… Read More

  • Microsoft kindly permits Windows 7 users to downgrade to XP

    Great news, everyone stuck in 2001! Microsoft will allow users to downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows XP! So if you’re super happy with the stability and performance of Windows XP, and don’t give a damn about any of the new features or enhancements included in Microsoft’s latest offering, you can safely bury your head back in the sand! Read More

  • Dell jacks up the price of Windows XP

    Dell has been offering Windows XP as an alternative to Vista for a while, but the price just took a jump. Instead of a modest fee, consumers now need to pay $150 for the older operating system. Thankfully though, this option is now available on some Inspiron systems instead of Dell’s previous practice of only offering OS choices on its business systems. Either Dell decided to cash… Read More