China Bans Windows 8 On Government Computers

Microsoft was just socked with another blow in China. The Central Government Procurement Center has banned the use of Windows 8 on government computers. Reuters reports that computer security relating to Windows XP was cited as the reason.

Like many others, the Chinese government is not happy with Microsoft for ending Windows XP support. The antiquated operating system still powers 50% of China’s desktop market, according to Reuters.

This latest setback comes as Microsoft is struggling in the massive market. Even though computer sales in China matches that of the U.S., the company earned much less revenue, matching that of a smaller market such as the Netherlands.

The company warned for years that support was ending and that companies should upgrade to the latest Microsoft operating system. Yet there were still holdouts for various reasons — but why fix something that’s not broken?

Microsoft is in a tough spot. Microsoft needs to adequately prop-up its latest operating system, but Windows XP will continue to power vital systems that deserve security patches. China is seemingly turning its back on Microsoft until this is resolved.