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  • What iOS & Android Gamers Actually Spend Money On

    What iOS & Android Gamers Actually Spend Money On

    After analyzing a data set of over 57 million purchases across both the Android and iOS platforms, analytics firm Flurry discovered that mobile gamers appear to be spending the majority of their money on “consumable” virtual goods. That is, virtual goods that are depleted when used, like a a set of grenades in a war game, or a fertilizer that helps crops grow faster in a… Read More

  • Facebook Instant Credits Are Tripling Virtual Goods Sales For OMGPOP

    Now that Facebook will require all games on the social network to use Facebook Credits, it is adding new features to encourage players to spend money on virtual goods. At the Inside Social Apps conference a couple days ago, Facebook announced new features to help grease the wheels of its budding virtual economy. One of these features is “frictionless micropayments,” or… Read More

  • The Year In Virtual Goods By The Numbers

    The global virtual goods industry put up some very impressive numbers this year. From special Easter eggs to virtual ad campaigns, virtual goods sales have grabbed their share of headlines over the past twelve months. Now with social gaming on the rise and everyone from your teenage nephew to your grandma to your old rugby teammate buying a “little something” to sweeten their… Read More