• Supposed HTC Thunderbolt Specs Leaked: 1.2 Ghz Dual-Core CPU, 5 Megapixel Front Camera, And More!

    At this point, Verizon’s upcoming 4G-friendly Android phone, the HTC Thunderbolt, is about as secret as my undying love for oxygen. While its gone by different names over time (from the Incredible HD, to “Mecha”, to the current Thunderbolt moniker), we’ve seen leak, after leak, after leak with this thing. One thing, however, has managed to remain elusive: the spec sheet. Read More

  • HTC's Mystery Verizon 4G Phone To Be Called "Thunderbolt"?

    While they’ve tried to be pretty hush-hush about the specifics, HTC and Verizon have made it pretty dang clear that they plan to launch a 4G phone at CES — and unless the rumor mill is way, way off, it’ll be the handset thus far known by its rumored codenames: the Incredible HD, or “Mecha”. Neither of those names really captures the 4G spirit, though. Incredible… Read More

  • More Details On Intel's Light Peak; Release Slips To 2011

    Intel is showing off its Light Peak interface at IDF (naturally) and there are a few new morsels of info about this promising next-generation connectivity technology. One thing to note is that they’ve delayed the real roll-out until some time in 2011; their original target was late 2010, but you know how it is. Read More

  • MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch Hands-On

    Max Busser, founder of MB&F, remarks that the HM4 is the most legible MB&F watch yet. He is actually quite right. It is the only Horological machine with a traditional looking dial. Round and clear, it is quite easy to read with its Arabic numerals and luminant covered hands, especially given its orientation on the wrist. I actually love reading this watch. Right next to the time is… Read More

  • Intel predicts Light Peak to replace USB 3.0

    Intel pundit Kevin Kahn has predicted that Light Peak may overtake USB 3.0 before the latter really even gets started. The 10Gbps standard is poised to become the mainstream technology as soon as 2011, beating the technology it’s intended to replace to the mainstream. Read More

  • Apple played critical role in creating Intel's "Light Peak" interface

    While there are certainly fewer interfaces around today on the average computer than there were a decade ago, there are still too many. It’s all just data, why should it matter what kind of pipe it goes down? As long as it goes both was and can handle the bandwidth you need it to, you’re golden. Intel’s pushing down that road with Light Peak, though the ultimate end of it… Read More