HTC Thunderbolt Accessories Rolling Into Best Buy Feb 19th — Thunderbolt to launch shortly thereafter?

Verizon’s still being pretty hush-hush about when they’ll be launching the HTC Thunderbolt, outside of the totally non-specific “sometime in the first half of the year” window they gave us at CES. While it’s by no means concrete, the above listing for some Thunderbolt accessories pulled from Best Buy’s inventory system (as obtained by DroidLife) might narrow that window a bit.

According to the inventory, the Thunderbolt accessories should start rolling in around February 19th. Accessories have a tendency of showing up a bit before the actual handsets, but not by too much. The rumor mill’s currently pinning the Thunderbolt launch at the end of February — throw this evidence in, and that’s looking more likely than ever. In the mean time, check out our video demo of the Thunderbolt here.