• Microsoft Gives Up On Its Tag Barcode Service, Schedules It For Shutdown In 2015

    Microsoft Gives Up On Its Tag Barcode Service, Schedules It For Shutdown In 2015

    In 2009, Microsoft launched its own version of QR codes called Microsoft Tag. Back then, QR codes were the hot new thing, but the reality, of course, is that they never caught on with consumers. Today, Microsoft announced that, in accordance with Tag’s terms of use, it will shut down the service on August 19, 2015. Read More

  • Gadgets Week In Review: New Space

    Gadgets Week In Review: New Space

    Here are some of the past week’s stories on TechCrunch Gadgets: Read More

  • Microsoft-made Tag app lands on Android

    In December 2008, Microsoft surprised a lot of people by releasing an iPhone app — Seadragon Mobile. A month later, they ensured the move wasn’t taken as a joke or gimmick by launching another app, Tag, into Apple’s App Store. Now, they have a few, including an app for Bing. And starting today, they’re doing the same for Android. Tag for Android is the first… Read More

  • Leapfrog announces new reader "Tag Junior"

    Leapfrog makes some great educational toys, no doubt about it. In fact, my son uses the LeapPad system to read books. Once he was old enough to use it on his own, he spends hours listening and repeating the words to learn them. Now it looks like LeapFrog is going after the younger audience. Read More

  • Japanese company develops bendable, super-durable IC smart tag

    A company called KRD [JP] has developed a bendable smart tag that is resistant to heat of up to 200°C and coldness of up to minus 200°C. In the first case, the data stored in the tags is safe for 13 straight days while the tag can be used in the latter case for more than four months. KRD claims their so-called “Flex IC Tags” will neither melt nor break at these temperatures. This… Read More

  • NEC Develops Prototype Phone To Cater To Gumby

    Remember back in the late 1980s, early 1990s when some company developed those rulers that would snap around your wrist? Well NEC apparently was a huge fan and this new concept cellphone they’ve developed is no exception. Dubbed the “tag”, these cellphones are made up of a shape-memorizing rubber that can be twisted and controlled to your liking. The picture shows three… Read More