Japanese company develops bendable, super-durable IC smart tag

A company called KRD [JP] has developed a bendable smart tag that is resistant to heat of up to 200°C and coldness of up to minus 200°C. In the first case, the data stored in the tags is safe for 13 straight days while the tag can be used in the latter case for more than four months.

KRD claims their so-called “Flex IC Tags” will neither melt nor break at these temperatures. This is because the chips and antennas are covered in glass fiber sheets, which are additionally protected by silicone rubber.

The tags will cost about $1.80 each and are ready for mass production. KRD expects sales of $2.8 million in the first year and mainly aims at the rental clothing business and laboratories.

You can watch a video demonstration here [JP, RAM-format, click on the video on the left].