• Sprint offers up a $100 credit with a new Palm Pre activition

    There has been a few rumors about Sprint cutting the price on the Palm Pre the last few days. Those might still work out, but until then there is this deal. There is a lot of fine print with the offer, but if you’ve been eyeing a Palm Pre, you should definitely see if you qualify. Read More

  • Outrage! Canadia says we're lazy! But they do make better Palm Pre commercials

    You know what Canada looks like? It looks like the best part of town – where everyone is cool and gets drunk all the time without hangovers and where you used to go to raves when you were like 16 and now when you go back the rave places have grown up with you and become chocolate shops and classic book stores – but it looks like that all over the country. Read More

  • This Bell Palm Pre ad looks familiar…

    Hmmm, where have I seen this ad before? It looks a lot different than the weird Palm ad spots shown here in the States, so that’s not it. There isn’t a dude in a creepy king costume, I don’t think it’s reminding me of Burger King. Oh, wait, I know. It’s a combination of these two ads. Read More

  • Palm Pre Girl stops talking right at you

    Pre-thinking brings us the latest Tamara Hope Pre Ad with young Tamara talking more to her Pre than directly at us. Interestingly, Tamara looks much better when she isn’t Palm’s ghoulish Pre homunculus. Click through for a pleasant surprise. Read More

  • Analysts say wireless charging is pointless without super capacitors

    Well, despite the fact that the wireless charging system for the Palm Pre is popular and functional, the analysts at Strategy Analytics say that it’s pointless. Come again? Read More

  • The Shack to sell the Palm Pre for $150 this weekend

    Didja hear that RadioShack is rebranding? The hoopla will of course include some sales to drive traffic. Apparently the Pre will be part of this upcoming sale and will be only $150 for new customers. Nice. Read More

  • Pre Philosophy: Why are Palm's ads the way they are?

    Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.
    -John Wanamaker Advertising and branding are very complicated and very unpredictable fields, and success can be measured according to any number of metrics. Modernista, the ad agency behind the soft-talking-lady ads that only occasionally seem to be talking about phones, seem to be measuring… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $99 for a Palm Pre today only

    If you weren’t one of the lucky ones that happened to snag a Palm Pre for $99 at Best Buy the other weekend thanks to a pricing snafu, has a deal for you. The website has managed to drop the price of the Palm Pre down to only $99 through a combination of instant and mail-in rebates. Read More

  • The Palm Pre is now available on Amazon

    There is probably a good chance that if you wanted the Palm Pre, you already snagged it at a Sprint store or Best Buy. Amazon now has the smartphone in case though. The on-contract price is the same at $199, but the off-contract price is surprisingly low at only $499. That’s a heck of deal considering the boys in blue have it listed at $749 sans contract. The only kicker is that it will… Read More

  • Fed Up, A Popular Mac Developer Quits The iPhone

    By now, you’ve heard the horror stories. Developers put their heart and soul into building an application for the iPhone App Store only to have it rejected by Apple. And sometimes apps are at first accepted and then later pulled for odd reasons. And sometimes app updates are rejected, even though there isn’t much difference with the version accepted. We get a half dozen or so… Read More