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Review: The iPad Pro and the power of the Pen(cil)

Laptop users have been focused for a very long time on whether the iPad Pro is going to be forced upon them as a replacement device. Depending on who you believe, Apple included, it has at one point b

Apple’s Design Delirium

I watch with increasing trepidation at the direction Apple is taking its products. The most recent concern came yesterday from Bloomberg that Apple intends to offer its software developers new librari

The iPad Pro is the most accessible computer Apple has ever built

I contend that the iPad is in many ways *more* versatile than a laptop for people with disabilities. Computing and productivity isn't always about a spec sheet or raw power or Photoshop. The iPad *is*

Google Maps Now Lets You Scale Yosemite’s El Capitan Mountain

El Capitan is already something I associate almost by default with Mac OS X, but it was a real mountain before that – millions of years before Apple previewed OS X 10.11, in fact, though it only got

TC AppleCast 18: El Cap And WWDC Recap

This week’s AppleCast is actually last week’s, and it’s us recapping the WWDC announcements, including iOS 9, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Apple Music and watchOS 2. We also dive a little

Web Developers Can Create Custom Force Touch Interactions In OS X 10.11

The version of Safari that ships with OS X 10.11 ‘El Capitan’ allows web developers to build custom experiences that work with Force Touch input, similar to how native app developers have

AirPlay Works With Safari Media Content In OS X 10.11

Apple’s under-the-hood changes in OS X 10.11 will offer some good advantages to developers hoping to create better web-based content for consumption in Safari. One such advantage is the extensio

Apple’s New Developer Program Offers iOS, OS X And watchOS Tools For $99

Apple has consolidated its developer program, bundling together access to developer tools and pre-release software builds for iOS, OS X and watchOS all under one umbrella. The unification of the dev p

WWDC 2015 Keynote Live Blog

This year’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote kicks off later today at 10 AM PT at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and we’ll be there live to fill you in on all the action as it happens.

What To Expect From Apple’s WWDC 2015

 This year’s kick-off event at WWDC will likely have a developer focus, given the nature of the event, but there will plenty for everyone to pay attention to, especially if you’re a fan

Skype For Web Beta Now Open To All U.S. And U.K. Users

Skype’s web-based client, along with both IM and video/audio call functionality, is now available to all users in open beta, the company announced today. The web-based version of the popular cha

Apple Launches An Invite-Only Beta Program For iOS

Apple has launched a new beta program for iOS (via 9to5Mac), with the latest build of iOS 8.3 (which includes advanced Message filtration features) acting as the first seed. The expanded program allow

Latest OS X Beta Includes Support For Force Click And Pressure Sensitivity For Drawing Apps

Apple’s latest beta for developers for OS X 10.10.3 adds some new tools that will be available to third-party software developers targeting owners of the upcoming 12-inch MacBook and the new 13-

Apple’s Latest Betrayal

"Seriously, fuck them," read the tweet. The person was speaking about Apple and the new MacBook the company recently announced. There are countless other tweets and comments with the same sentiment. R

Apple Watch Live Video Stream: How, Where And When

Happy Apple Watch day! Starting at 10 AM Pacific Time, Apple is set to answer all the questions about the Apple Watch. And you can follow our liveblog or watch the festivities on an Apple device. As u

TC AppleCast 5: That Crazy Apple Car Maybe Isn’t So Crazy

Apple has spent the whole week in the news because of a car it might be making, so that’s a real thing that happened. We discuss how the rumor went from airy tales to something quite solid, incl

Apple Opens Up With A New Blog About Swift, Its New Programming Language

Apple just launched a blog about Swift, its new programming language that makes it easier to build applications for iOS and Mac OS X. This is a first for Apple, and marks a new period of openness for

Logitech Gaming Software Beta-Testing Program Confirms Future Support For Mac OS X

According to a <a target="_blank" href="">beta tester listing</a> on, Logitech is finally preparin

OS X Mountain Lion: Quick, Familiar, Cheap, And Drenched In iOS Goodness

Trying to write a review of OS X Mountain Lion is tricky. First of all, <a href="">I had already written a review</a> back in February, when

Apple Loses Executive Bertrand Serlet After 22 Years Of Working With Jobs

<img src="" class="shot2" /> In a press release issued earlier this morning, <a href="">Apple</a> has
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