Mac OS X

Mac OS X Now Running On An HTC Shift Near You

<img src="" />Remember the <a HREF="">HTC Shift</a>? Sort of an earl

Windows 7 Now More Popular Than Vista (But XP Still King)

<img src="" />Usage of <a HREF="">Windows 7</a> had finally passed that of Windows Vista, a

Plex for Mac OS X adds hardware h.264 video decoding

<img src="" />Exciting news from <a HREF="

Interview: We talk to the lead developer of Plex Media Center for Mac OS X: It was doing Boxee-like stuff before Boxee was cool

<img src="" />As far as XBMC forks go, Boxee certainly appears to have the most heat. It has VC money pouring in, flashy deals with conten

Psystar, Apple reach settlement: No more PCs pre-loaded with Mac OS X (but Rebel EFI may be safe)

<img src="" />Some more <a HREF="">Psystar</a> news for y'all. You'll recall that the renegade co

Apple, Psystar ask for summary judgemets, looking to avoid trial

<img src="" />This Apple-Psystar business sure is hotting up! Both Apple and Psystar have asked for summary judgments based on what they

Sure looks like the GM build of Snow Leopard has leaked

<img src="" />I do believe the GM build of Snow Leopard, Apple's latest version of Mac OS X, has leaked onto the Internet. The build i

You might be able to access Mac files from Bootcamp'd Windows with Snow Leopard

<img src="" />Poor MacDrive. The latest hot tamale of a rumor says that, starting with Snow Leopard (10.6), Windows users will be able to

Apple begins to address Mac OS X 10.5.6 installation glitches

<img src="" /> Apple's latest update to Mac OS X, 10.5.6, has been causing several problems since its release last week. The <a HREF="http

How to fix your Bluetooth connection if Mac OS X 10.5.6 breaks it

<img src="" /> Does Mac OS X 10.5.6 break Bluetooth? That's what some people are <a HREF="

That SteelSeries Warcraft MMO mouse doesn't have Mac drivers yet (but they're coming soon)

Just a heads up to my fellow World of Warcraft players, especially those of you who use a Mac. You know that SteelSeries MMO Gaming Mouse that came out a few days ago? It doesn’t ship with Mac d

How soon can we expect a 3D Finder in Mac OS X?

Look at Apple, all busy filing patents and whatnot. Take this one (well, these ones), which shows several potential 3D interfaces for the Finder. The patents were first filed, according to AppleInside

Random software recommendation: Linkinus, the IRC app for Mac OS X

Here’s a random software recommendation for Mac OS X users. A ProTip, if you will. If you’re into IRC at all, you should check out Linkinus, which is developed by Conceited Software. I bou

Mac media player Plex can now play DRM'd iTunes files (plus other goodies)

Work on Plex, the Mac-enhanced port/fork of XBMC, continues, with the media player having been updated to version 0.7 two days ago. It’s not just a bugfix or anything—I wouldn’t both

Plex for Mac OS X has been updated: You need to be using it

I just wanted to remind my fellow Mac users that they really ought to be using Plex to play back all their movies. (And I do mean movies—a quick clip here and there, you’re best served by

Macs, OS X increasingly found in business environments

The Yankee Group has a new report out that says Macs are increasingly being found at the office, with enterprise adoption now at the highest levels since the late 1980s. The report polled 740 IT admin

About time: Newest Apple security update fixes DNS glitch

Apple’s Security Update 2008-005 fixes that DNS glitch that has been freaking people out for the past few weeks. As such, it’s advised that you stop whatever you’re doing and apply t

Snow Leopard screens trickle out: Safari has mysterious 'Save as Web Application' menu item!

The first shots of Snow Leopard, Apple’s new operating system that should be here in about a year, are now starting to appear online. On a German site, of all crazy things! Anyhow, the biggest n

XBMC for Mac OS X continues to mature, gives Front Row much needed competition

Flickr’d Formerly named Xbox Media Center, XBMC made the original Xbox useful long past its sell-by date, and it’s now been ported over to Mac OS X. Well, it’s been available for OS

Snow Leopard, the next version of Mac OS X, will be light on new features

Somewhat lost in the iPhone 3G hype/madness yesterday was Apple’s announcement of the next version of Mac OS X, to be called Snow Leopard. The big news: rather than promise wiz-bang new features
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