Los Angeles

  • Solo Drivers In Los Angeles Will Soon Be Allowed To Drive In Carpool Lanes For A Fee

    This week, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS) — which was acquired by Xerox (NYSE: XRX) in February 2010 — announced that it’s building a new, electronic toll system on the two busiest highways in Los Angeles, to allow all single car drivers, even those in a diesel guzzling Hummer, to shift into carpool lanes for a fee. When average traffic levels in a carpool lane… Read More

  • Can ShoeDazzle Finally Make Celebrity Co-Founders Pay Off? (TCTV)

    According to CrunchBase, we have never written about 18-month old ShoeDazzle despite the fact that the company has raised $23 million in two rounds of funding, expects it’ll do $100 million in revenues next year and has Kim Kardashian as a co-founder. Ok, maybe it’s partially because of that last factor. The Valley has always had an issue with LA and vice-versa. Let’s be… Read More

  • Irony: Los Angeles has really cruddy HDTV selection

    Tough times for Los Angelenos wanting to watch HDTV. Apartment dwellers in the city are, apparently, fed up with Time Warner’s foot-dragging when it comes to expanding HD content, especially those who aren’t allowed to install a DirecTV or Dish Network satellite dish. Right now, Los Angeles ranks dead last in HD channel availability in the top five TV markets in the country. (LA… Read More

  • Los Angeles testing 'breaking news' billboards

    Digital billboards are nothing new, but Clear Channel Outdoor will be testing ‘breaking news’ billboards in the Los Angeles area, starting today. The headlines will be controlled by the Los Angeles Times via a custom-built interface controlled from the newspaper’s offices. Ten billboards in all will run a ten-week test campaign consisting of eight-second rotational headlines… Read More

  • L.A. Boy Scouts Giving Copyrighted Material The Respect It Deserves

    OK, so I’m an Eagle Scout. I have a suspicion that at least a couple of our readers are, too. It is with that spirit that I am sad to write this story. The Boy Scout Council in Los Angeles has begun a new program to award Scouts a “Respect Copyrights” activity patch. Guess what it’s all about and who helped come up with the concept? According to the article… Read More