• Announcing The 2011 Crunchies Finalists And Tickets On Sale Now

    Announcing The 2011 Crunchies Finalists And Tickets On Sale Now

    The nominations have been tabulated and the votes are in. Over 300,000 nominations were calculated across 20 categories. Along with our partners GigaOm and VentureBeat, we are very proud to announce the finalists for 2011’s best in technology. Voting begins now. For 2011, we’ve added some new categories. Best Location App, Best Cloud Services and Biggest Social Impact join the… Read More

  • Spool Is Instapaper On Steroids

    Spool Is Instapaper On Steroids

    Spool is a new service aimed at addressing the problem created by the multi-device, multi-screen environment we now live in, where the content consumption experience can vary widely from platform to platform. On iOS devices, for example, you can’t watch Flash videos without serious workarounds. On an iPod Touch or other standalone media player, you need a Wi-Fi signal in order to browse… Read More

  • With ‘Save To Pulse’ Bookmarklet And Chrome Extension, Pulse Enters Instapaper’s Turf

    With ‘Save To Pulse’ Bookmarklet And Chrome Extension, Pulse Enters Instapaper’s Turf

    Alphonso Labs, the fledgling company behind Pulse, a nifty social news reader for iPhone, iPad and Android devices used by roughly 5 million people, aims to pose a challenge to simple bookmarking tool Instapaper (and a range of other bookmarking and ‘read it later’ apps). The startup is today debuting both a bookmarklet and a Chrome add-on that enables users to ‘save stories… Read More

  • The iPad is For Reading: Apple Will Introduce Its Own Newsstand In iOS 5

    When Apple launched subscriptions for iPad publications back in February, it effectively became a digital newsstand. With iOS 5, it will formalize the process with an official Newsstand app, exec Scott Forstall announced today at Apple’s WWDC today. Much like its iBooks app is a store for digital books, Newsstand will be an online magazine rack where you can keep and organize all of… Read More

  • Instapaper Goes Social With Sharing, Likes, And Friends

    I remember when I first fell in love with Instapaper. It was a few years ago, and most people were still using Delicious or worse, their browsers, to bookmark things on the web. Delicious was still solid at the time, but it was also pretty slow. Instapaper was wonderful because it was fast. You hit one button (a bookmarklet) and it saved an article to read later. The reality is that the… Read More

  • Apple Smacks Readability In The Face With Subscription Rules; All SaaS In Trouble

    Apple Smacks Readability In The Face With Subscription Rules; All SaaS In Trouble

    We’ve already been over (and over and over and over and over) Apple’s new iOS subscription rules. And the initial backlash has seemingly cooled down as everyone has moved on to the next hot topic of the hour. But it’s pretty clear that this issue is going to keep surfacing, because it really does screw a lot of developers. And sure enough, it’s already back… Read More

  • Instapaper Releases A Full API — With A Brilliant, Unique Twi$t

    I love Instapaper. Blah blah blah — you all know that by now. But today developer Marco Arment has released something significant that could alter the way the service is used: a full API. And perhaps even more interesting is how he’s released it. In his blog post on the matter, Arment dives into his tough decision making process when it comes to the API. The main problem is that… Read More

  • Readability Just Became Instapaper's Publisher Payment Layer

    Personally, I think the concept behind Readability is pretty awesome. It gives you a way to read all your favorite articles on the web without all of the clutter of the web — meaning, mainly, ads. And the recently-launched payment component is even more interesting because it gives you a way to pay back (in a very small way) your favorite writers/publications that you often read on the web. Read More

  • The Perfect Content Companion For iPad + Instapaper, Longreads Gets A Website

    I’ve been in love with the simple bookmarking service Instapaper for a few years now. The release of the iPad has made it even better. You see, my daily routine now involves using the Instapaper app on the iPad to read all of the longer articles I don’t get to while sitting at my desk. But quite often, it’s hard to find longer articles. That’s where Longreads comes in. As… Read More

  • Pay Now, Read Later: Instapaper Starts Testing Subscriptions

    There are few services I use more on a daily basis than Instapaper. The super-simple bookmarking tool has been my go-to way to come back to articles to read later for a few years now. And with brilliant iPhone and iPad apps, Instapaper has only gotten better with time. So I was happy to hear that developer Marco Arment was stepping down from his role as CTO of Tumblr to focus on the product more. Read More

  • Marco Arment Leaves Tumblr To Devote Himself To Instapaper

    Tumblr CTO and notable blogger Marco Arment announced today that he would be leaving his position at Tumblr to focus on more independent projects. What many in the tech world are curious about is what this means for Instapaper, a service which allows you to “save” web pages in order for you to read them later. Thus far Instapaper has only been a side project for Arment. When asked… Read More