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  • The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part One

    The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part One

    In the first of a two part series exploring game design, this article discusses the idea that games operate within a universe of defined constants, meaning traits to do with play that stand independent of platform, audience or technology. Read More

  • The Numinous Veil Of Ignorance

    The Numinous Veil Of Ignorance

    In watching the latest drama unfold over Facebook and its experimentation with users, I’m moved to argue that sometimes you can be too honest. For game makers especially sometimes it’s better for users not to know, for you to hint and inspire but never reveal the inner secrets. To preserve the numinous magic, it’s often better not to show the man behind the curtain. Read More

  • Finding Game Design

    Finding Game Design

    “Game designer” sounds like a cool job, but often game designers actually do a much more ordinary job. Design is also less and less respected as naught but theory within the industry, which I think is to its detriment. I’m wondering whether design has more of a future under an agency model, and if so what does it need to thrive. Read More

  • What Games Are: The Unfulfilled Promise Of Videogames

    What Games Are: The Unfulfilled Promise Of Videogames

    Growing up in the age of computers and technology we can almost taste the promise of videogames. We don’t just like to play videogames, we like to imagine what they might be and how they might influence society. We like to think of the 21st century as the “ludic” century. We’re all in agreement that games are on the rise. Yet, frustratingly, we sense that they have stalled. Read More

  • What Games Are: The Win Imperative

    What Games Are: The Win Imperative

    Many readers will be familiar with the idea that games and reward go together. Yet reward by itself isn’t rewarding. The reason is that it’s not the reward that’s interesting, but rather what it signifies: satisfaction of a job well done, a stroke of luck, a problem solved, a situation overcome, an enemy defeated. In short, it’s about winning. All games are played to win. Read More