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  • 3D Systems v. Formlabs Patent Lawsuit Dismissed

    3D Systems v. Formlabs Patent Lawsuit Dismissed

    The lawsuit between Formlabs and 3D Systems relating to stereolithography has been dismissed with prejudice, a move that frees Formlabs to make their printers without fear of further patent problems. 3D Systems first sued Formlabs back in 2012 for patent infringement related to their laser-based stereolithography techniques. In the interim, the company has grown to 100 people and has released… Read More

  • Back To The Magic With The Formlabs Form 1+

    Back To The Magic With The Formlabs Form 1+

    One of my favorite 3D printers has been the Formlabs Form 1. Using a unique technology in home printing, stereolithography, the Formlabs folks have created a usable, fun, and surprisingly versatile home 3D printer that produces pro-quality pats. Now that printer has gotten better. First, a bit of explanation that I added to my original Form 1 review. The $3,299 Form 1+ is a… Read More

  • This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: A Few Of Our Favorite Things

    This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: A Few Of Our Favorite Things

    In the depths of August, much of the tech world is simply waiting for the fall to begin. In the first half of September alone, we’ll have new devices from Apple, Motorola, and Amazon. But for now, it’s a waiting game, so we’re taking a look back at our favorite gadgets of the year. We’ve narrowed it down the <a Amazon Fire TV, the Android TV, and the Canary home… Read More

  • Formlabs 3D Printing Workshop | TechCrunch Makers

    TC Makers: Making The Future With The Team At Formlabs

    A few weeks ago I visited the headquarters of Formlabs in Somerville, Mass. where I had the pleasure of meeting the entire team in their small – but growing – workshop. There I saw a repair bay, research room, and even a molecular lab where materials scientists are hard at work making new solutions for the company’s unique SLA printer. When I first met the guys from… Read More

  • Formlabs Just Made One Of The Best 3D Printers Better

    The Formlabs Form 1 just got better. The new model, called the Form 1+ (note that this isn’t the Form 2 because then it would be called the Form 1++ (heh, nerd humor)), is a tweaked Form 1 with a faster build time, nicer styling, and a better control system to ensure smoother prints. Read More

  • Formlabs CEO Sees Boston as a Hardware Hub

    A Chat With Maxim Lobovsky, Co-Founder Of Formlabs

    I had the unique opportunity to sit down with Maxim Lobovsky, co-founder of Formlabs, when we had our meet up in Boston. While the audio was a little rough – it’s hard to handle big, happy crowds – but I think his insight on 3D printing is important. Read More

  • After Kickstarter, High-Res Form 1 3D Printer Maker Formlabs Bags $19M Series A To Keep Building

    After Kickstarter, High-Res Form 1 3D Printer Maker Formlabs Bags $19M Series A To Keep Building

    Formlabs, an MIT Media Labs spin-out and maker of the high resolution Form 1 3D printer — which came up on Kickstarter (where it pulled in nearly $3 million in crowdfunding) — has closed a $19 million Series A, led by DFJ Growth. Pitango Venture Capital and Innovation Endeavors also participated in the round, along with “many returning angel investors”. Read More

  • Form 1 3D Printer | Fly or Die

    Fly Or Die: Form 1 3D Printer

    Early leader in the 3D printing space Makerbot may have just been acquired for $400 million, but we still can’t forget about the Form 1 3D printer out of FormLabs. It started as a Kickstarter project, which received 6x its $100,000 goal in just one day, topping $1.4 million in one week. Since, we’ve had the chance to review it and pit it against the Makerbot. Read More

  • The Form 1 3D Printer Demo

    Living In The Future With The Formlabs Form 1

    “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed,” wrote William Gibson. He’s right. Luckily, the future is mostly in my attic workshop. I’ve been lucky enough to have access to a Form 1 3D printer for the past week and have come away with a better sense of the platform, the way forward of 3D printing in general and Form 1 in particular. Read More