Form 1 3D Printer Goes Into Production, First Batch Scheduled For Delivery In Late April

After experiencing a roller coaster pre-production period, the folks over at FormLabs have announced that the Form 1 3D-printer is entering into full production.

The “large majority” of Kickstarter orders set for delivery by the end of April. They’ve purchased enough components to build out over 1,000 Form 1 3D printers.

The company first launched the Form 1 on Kickstarter to an awesome reception, scoring over $2.9 million in pre-orders after asking for a mere $100k.

But before the company could begin production, it was hit with a patent infringement lawsuit from 3D Systems, which also accused Kickstarter of promoting the allegedly infringing product.

FormLabs pressed on, and is now ready to begin full production of the 3D printer.

FormLabs claims that it can offer better accuracy than competitive 3D printing offerings, like the Makerbot, at a similar price.

According to FormLabs, the team will begin by vigorously testing the first small batch of Form 1 printers. After that, the company plans on setting exact ship dates.