• Borders Announces Kobo Wireless Reader Coming To Stores

    Borders just announced the release of the wireless version of the Kobo ereader. The Kobo Wireless joins the nook and the non-wireless Kobo reader, but has improved hardware and software, and is priced at a quite reasonable $139.99. Read More

  • Alex eReader shipping tomorrow

    We told you all the rumors, we told you it was available for pre-order, and now we’re here to tell you, it’s finally shipping! The Spring Design Alex eReader is shipping their pre-orders (at least the US ones) tomorrow. The Alex is that dual screen, Android based reader that many consider to be a very feasible alternative to the iPad. Read More

  • E-E-book readers for kids. The first "E" stands for educational.

    With all the flaws that e-book readers have, they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. VTech, makers of fine educational electronics, are rolling out the Flip animated e-book reader, so now, your kids can get in on the action too. Read More

  • eBooks on the iPad may not be so outlandishly expensive

    The NYT has a report on ebook pricing for the iPad, saying that Apple may charge $9.99 for popular titles, just like everyone else in the free world. While most prices will be higher – it’s an iPad! Why go slumming? – popular books can hit the $9.99 if need be. Apple takes 30 percent of the sale while the publishers take 70 percent. Read More

  • First hands on: Samsung E6 e-book reader

    So Matt and I just got our hands on the Samsung E6, the company’s first electronic book reader. As a device it’s not bad, but compared to what’s out there you just know that Samsung was all, “We need to release something to get a foothold in the market.” The 6-inch e-redaer slides open, quite possibly like a phone you once owned. It’s only black and white… Read More

  • Alex eBook Reader unveiled

    The e-book seems to be the next big thing as we roll into the end of 2009. What with the Kindle 2, the nook, and others coming on the scene, it’s interesting to watch what’s coming next. For example: the Alex eBook Reader. It’s running Android, and has an absolutely insane frame rate (for an e-book reader). Read More

  • Barnes & Noble has a color ebook reader in the works

    Plastic Logic is building a color ebook reader for Barnes & Noble. It’s slated for a Spring 2010 launch and theres is no word on Android powering the device. It will run the Barnes & Noble e-book software. That’s all we know. Questions? I hope not, because all we know comes from the video above. Read More

  • Shocking news: Sony to sell e-books in open format!

    Sony — you know, the folks that brought us such wonderfully proprietary technologies as the MiniDisc and the MemoryStick — have an e-book reader. You might have heard of it, it’s called the Reader. In a pretty bold move, Sony announced that by the end of the year they’ll only sell e-books in the ePub format. Further, Sony is abandoning their own digital restrictions… Read More

  • Sony officially announces the Reader Touch Edition, Reader Pocket Edition

    As expected, Sony officially unveiled their latest eBook readers. So, here we have the PRS-600 Reader Touch Edition and the PRS-300 Pocket Edition. The latter rocks a five-inch electronic paper screen display that fits in your pocket and lasts up to two weeks off a single charge. The $199 reader will store up to 350 standard eBooks. Read More

  • Unannounced Sony Readers leak out, few care

    Ready for more ebook readers? I hope so ’cause Sony has two in the pipe right now. Somehow the service manuals were posted in some random corner of the Internet and of course a forum user downloaded them. The PRS-300 seems to be an entry-level model and the PRS-600 is a slightly larger, better equipped ebook reader. Read More