• Barnes & Noble has a color ebook reader in the works

    Plastic Logic is building a color ebook reader for Barnes & Noble. It’s slated for a Spring 2010 launch and theres is no word on Android powering the device. It will run the Barnes & Noble e-book software. That’s all we know. Questions? I hope not, because all we know comes from the video above. Read More

  • Shocking news: Sony to sell e-books in open format!

    Sony — you know, the folks that brought us such wonderfully proprietary technologies as the MiniDisc and the MemoryStick — have an e-book reader. You might have heard of it, it’s called the Reader. In a pretty bold move, Sony announced that by the end of the year they’ll only sell e-books in the ePub format. Further, Sony is abandoning their own digital restrictions… Read More

  • Sony officially announces the Reader Touch Edition, Reader Pocket Edition

    As expected, Sony officially unveiled their latest eBook readers. So, here we have the PRS-600 Reader Touch Edition and the PRS-300 Pocket Edition. The latter rocks a five-inch electronic paper screen display that fits in your pocket and lasts up to two weeks off a single charge. The $199 reader will store up to 350 standard eBooks. Read More

  • Unannounced Sony Readers leak out, few care

    Ready for more ebook readers? I hope so ’cause Sony has two in the pipe right now. Somehow the service manuals were posted in some random corner of the Internet and of course a forum user downloaded them. The PRS-300 seems to be an entry-level model and the PRS-600 is a slightly larger, better equipped ebook reader. Read More

  • The Bookeen Opus unboxed and previewed

    E-book readers tend to be the sizes hardcover books – or a lot larger. That might be all well and good if you’re laying in bed, but the Bookeen Opus is about the size of a paperback, which makes it truely portable. The folks folks over at MobileRead got their hands on the small, but impressive, Opus for a sneak peak. Read More

  • You down with OPDS? Yeah, you know us!

    So eBooks are the Next Big Thing, and soon we’ll all be reading eBooks exclusively. How, though, will we find new eBooks? It’s not like there’s a unified standard for organizing and displaying catalogs of eBooks available for purchase on any device capable of displaying an eBook. If only someone would create such a standard! If I did it, I would call it “Open… Read More

  • First impressions of the eSlick eBook reader

    The fellers over at GearDiary purchased an eSlick eBook reader, a small and relatively attractive ebook reader that was announced before the Kindle 2. Read More

  • Samsung ready to roll out Papyrus touchscreen ebook reader

    eBook readers are here to stay, and if you’re a CE company you’d better have one if you want to stay in the game. Samsung Electronics will soon be rolling out their Papyrus ebook reader in the US and UK. Will the touchscreen make this a Kindle killer? Read More

  • Grateful Dead eBook app available for iPhone

    If the Kindle eBook app isn’t your thing, you might be interested in a new eBook app for the iPhone and iPod Touch dedicated to the Grateful Dead. That’s right: a dedicated app for a single eBook about the world’s most successful potheads. I’m skeptical about the long-term usefulness of a single application for a single eBook. What’s the likelihood someone… Read More

  • Follett's new eBook reader is all software

    Follett, a distributor of educational materials, has announced that it has developed an eBook reader for education that is aimed at classrooms and libraries. Now, don’t be mistaken. This isn’t a portable eBook reader. It’s a software reader that is paired with its own online store. They claim that this reader should protect publisher content while introducing new… Read More

  • Foxit takes eBooks to a new low with the eSlick

    So far eBook devices chief sticking point is the high price. The $300+ range of the Kindle and Sony Reader¬†turns off all but the most avid gadgetphile, book¬†proprietor. Maybe the $259 eSlick by Foxit will find more success even though it opts for a lower price rather than fancy connectivity or e-ink backlighting. It’s still slim at .4-inches thick and ships with 128MB of internal… Read More

  • Sony’s Reader goes touchscreen with the PRS-700

    Sony’s got a new Reader in the PRS-700 and that Reader, it’s got a touchscreen. Simply slide your dirty, smudge-inducing finger across the six-inch screen and watch as the e-inked pages magically turn, just like a real book. Or use that same finger to enter notes and/or highlight text. There’s also a stylus for people like me who have weird issues with touchscreens. And for… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Del Rey releases Star Wars: Legacy of the Force as free ebook

    We’re believers in the idea of ebook here at CrunchGear, so any time we can bring you a freebie, we will, especially if it’s one that appeals to our geeky nature. Del Rey is offering a Star Wars book, Legacy of the Force: Betrayal, as a free download in PDF, audiobook, or ebook for Sony or Kindle formats. It’s the first of a seven part series, they’re hoping… Read More

  • eBooks: One with a dog and one like a Mac Classic

    That’s a pretty big screen, ladies and gentlemen. The one on the left there, with the dog — it’s almost ten inches! Guess what else? It’s got built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and it uses electronic ink, has 4GB of storage, and lasts 5000 pages on a single charge. I’d actually buy it if I knew how to accomplish such a task (more on that later). Then there’s the… Read More

  • New-ish Sony eBook reader apparently mangles PDFs

    So close. I’ve been eyeing eBook readers for a while now. I really can’t see myself spending $300 on one when I have gadgets like the Nokia 770 and iPod Touch that are capable of handling similar tasks and more. However, the E-Ink technology is pretty cool and the 7,500 page-turn battery life that Sony suggests is intriguing. According to Gordon Meyer over at 43 Folders, the… Read More

  • HarperCollins Offering iPhone Books

    News Corp. continues its quest to dominate the mainstream media. One of the publishers it owns, HarperCollins, is now planning to offer selections from 14 books available for iPhone viewing. The move comes as HarperCollins tries to dive into the digital world and hype surrounding Apple’s successful phone. You’ll be able to use your iPhone, come August and September, to view… Read More

  • RIYL: Hatin' On Sony's Reader

    yesterday is dead in the water. Oh, wait, maybe it does. Or at least so says David Rothman over at TeleRead as he compared it to the Edsel, an automobile failure beyond compare in 1958. His key arguments are certainly not offbase – monochrome screen, general suckiness of DRM, only 10,000 or so titles, no backlight, and a relatively high cost for a very limited product. However, all… Read More

  • Panasonic to Sony: We Do eBook, Too

    At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, wasn’t the eBook something we were supposed to see about six years ago? Really, back when we all started using dial-up modems to connect to the Internet to access the World Wide Web, weren’t the dropping costs and rising resolutions of LCDs supposed to make these disposable, cheap, common-place toys? Whatever. They’re here, now. Earlier… Read More