• Apple Confirms: iPad On Sale In "Most" Best Buy Stores On April 3, From 9 AM

    Apple Confirms: iPad On Sale In "Most" Best Buy Stores On April 3, From 9 AM

    So we know that Apple’s iPad has started shipping, and this morning the company also confirmed that the device will be on sale in all 221 of its retail stores across the United States as well as “most Best Buy stores” this Saturday, beginning at 9 AM. Apple also said its retail stores will offer a free Personal Setup service to every customer, helping them customize their… Read More

  • RadioShack looking for a buyer, possibly Best Buy

    We could be looking at the end of RadioShack, boys and girls. The company is said to be exploring a strategic partnership, or outright sale, possibly to Best Buy. I don’t see why Best Buy would be interested: what does RadioShack sell that’s either A) not already available or B) entirely too niche for its Wal-Mart approach to selling consumer electronics? Read More

  • Most Best Buys will have the iPad on launch day, but won't open early

    It looks like, come launch day, you’ll only be able to buy the iPad at retail from the Apple Store or from Best Buy. Who buys things from stores anymore, I wonder. But despite the inconceivable amount of hype accompanying the iPad, Best Buy cannot be bothered to open early. Sorry, mate. Read More

  • Using children to steal DVDs eh?

    Here’s a candidate for the Canadian parent of the year award. Police in Richmond B.C. are looking for a couple that used their kids to load up on over $3000 worth of Blu-ray and DVD discs from Future Shop. The estimate is that the couple took between 80 to 100 movies. Read More

  • Best Buy now hawking Viliv's wares

    Viliv makes some hot, little portables. That’s a fact. The X70 and S5 touchscreen along with the S7 convertible netbook are among the best in their respective niche markets. But previously the products were only available from online retailers, which of course limits their visibility from a whole segment of potential customers. Starting Monday though, Best Buy shoppers will be able to… Read More

  • Best Buy Magnolia stores to sell Panasonic 3D bundle starting tomorrow

    Samsung will soon have a bit of competition in Best Buy’s 3D TV department. A $2,899 Panasonic VT20 plasma, Blu-ray player and 3D glasses bundle will go on sale tomorrow expect not all Best Buy stores. It’s a Magnolia exclusive. Read More

  • Panasonic and Best Buy to bring 3D TVs to the US this Wednesday

    As everybody knows, 3D TVs are all the rage at the moment, with Panasonic being one of the most active electronics companies in that area. But until today, details on how and when those devices will be sold outside Japan were relatively scarce. Panasonic now announced it will partner up with Best Buy (the largest consumer electronics retailer in the US for those who don’t know) to market… Read More

  • Don't worry, they'll sell iPads at Best Buy

    Allergic to Apple Stores, like me? Not to worry. Tim Cook, COO at Apple, has said (though there is no direct quote at the moment) that Apple will indeed be selling the iPad at places like Best Buy and other partners. This will likely follow a period of Apple Store-only availability, as the sales process is more fully fleshed out and the world becomes more familiar with the device. This… Read More

  • Best Buy becomes equalizer for DROID and DEVOUR, selling both for $99.99

    As if gadget choices weren’t complicated enough, Best Buy might be making your Verizon Android handset decisions a lot more difficult. According to Best Buy’s Facebook page, the DROID is dropping down to just $99.99 with the DEVOUR going for the same exact rate when it’s released on February 25. So many choices, so little time! Need some help? Read More

  • Motorola Devour going for $150 at Best Buy

    It’s the handset that Megan Fox used to make men crumble everywhere, and now it looks like the Motorola DEVOUR can be had at Best Buy pretty soon. At $149.99, it’s $50 less than the DROID, but of course, there are the bells and whistles. Read More

  • Oh Best Buy, only you could get away with having someone arrested for gift card issues

    It wasn’t too long ago that our own Nicholas Deleon was detained and manhandled at a Best Buy. Today, we hear reports of someone who, for the crime of having some trouble with gift cards, was handcuffed, frisked, and put in a holding cell at the station. The bright side of this story is that the person this happened to should feel free to sue the hell out of Best Buy and the NYPD. I kind… Read More

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