Oculus Rift demos are coming to select Best Buys May 7th, with a ‘small number’ available for purchase

Elvis Costello once famously said that writing about music was like “dancing about architecture” — or maybe it was Martin Mull or Laurie Anderson or Frank Zappa, but that’s beside the poin

Blispay, the financing program for SMBs, raises $12.75M in seed funding

Big box retailers like Best Buy and Target have all kinds of financing card programs for their customers. But smaller and medium-sized merchants have no way to give their customers the same kind of fi

Samsung Gear VR Sold Out Online At Amazon And Best Buy

If you didn’t pre-order the new consumer version of Samsung Gear VR, you might have some difficulty finding it on your favorite online shopping destinations. Amazon and Best Buy, both places tha

The $100 Samsung Gear VR Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

The second generation of the Samsung Gear will only cost $100 and can now be pre-ordered from Best Buy. This is the device that could make or break virtual reality. Like the previous version, with the

The Future Of Retail Won’t Be So Good For Consumers

Shopping -- both online and offline -- is a great luxury of the modern era. People can enjoy a great selection at lower prices and shop from the convenience of their home, while still having the optio

Pebble Time Pre-Orders Kick Off At Best Buy And

The Pebble Time has already been percolating out to backers of the record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, but now anyone can pre-order the wearable. In the U.S., pre-orders are routing through Best Buy

Oculus Is Building Its Own Games For Rift, But You’ll Need A Computer To Play

Retail will play a big part in Oculus Rift's launch, according to Oculus VP of Product Nate Mitchell. "So far buying it has been about trial, you put it on and you're transported to another place. Tha

Best Buy Will Accept Apple Pay In All U.S. Stores Later This Year

Back when Apple Pay was first launched, Best Buy wanted none of it. As a part of the MCX consortium, they were a part of an effort among retailers to build a mobile payments system of their own: Curre

Best Buy Briefly Lists The Moto 360 Smart Watch For $249

Best Buy may have inadvertently revealed pricing for the Moto 360 smart watch, set to be unveiled at a press event in early September. The big box retailer put up a listing for the smart watch on thei

Best Buy To Layoff About 2,000 Managers Amid Poor Holiday Sales

Uh-oh. Even though Big Blue squeaked out a profit last quarter and beat Wall Street’s expectations, the retailer is planning its biggest layoff since July 2012. About 2,000 managers will lose th

There Is Now A Samsung Store In Nearly Every Best Buy Store

Have you been in a Best Buy recently? The stores are starting to look more like exhibition halls than a warehouse retailer. And that’s by design. Stores within stores. Nearly every Best Buy stor

Let’s Sit Out Black Friday, Shall We?

It's Thanksgiving in the States and tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year. In fact stores will be open tonight so you can elbow your way into a scrum of bargain hunters and frotteurists. I'

Pebble Smartwatch Is Coming To Best Buy July 7 For $149.95

Pebble is selling its smartwatch via Best buy stores soon, with the device going on sale at the major U.S.-based electronics retailer on July 7 for $149.95. The e-ink display for the Pebble and Blueto

Microsoft To Set Up Windows Stores In 600 Best Buy Locations, Launching This Summer

Microsoft today announced that it is partnering with Best Buy to set up its own store-within-a-store in 500 Best Buy locations in the U.S. and 100 Best Buy and Future Shop locations in Canada. These s

Samsung To Open Retail Boutiques In 1,400 Best Buy Stores

Samsung has thrown down another gauntlet in its battle with Apple. This time, the Korean electronics giant is going head-to-head with Apple stores by opening retail boutiques, called ‘Samsung Ex

Samsung Reportedly Debuting Stores-Within-A-Store At Best Buy Locations For Galaxy S4 Launch

Samsung will reportedly be launching Samsung Stores in select Best Buy locations ahead of the Galaxy S4's U.S. launch, a new report from claims. The new sections, which will occupy spots clos

Listia Partners With Best Buy To Let You Trade Old Stuff For New Electronics

It's getting more tempting to give away used goods on <a target="_blank" href="">Listia</a>, the marketplace startup backed by Y Combinator and Andreessen Horowitz (<a href="https

Leap Motion Teams Up With Best Buy As Exclusive Retail Launch Partner, Pre-Orders Start In February

Leap Motion, makers of the innovative Leap Motion controller for PCs, today announced that at launch, it will sell its device exclusively through Best Buy's physical and online stores in the U.S., as

Google Makes A Pre-Holiday Marketing Push For Chromebooks With New Online, Times Square And Best Buy Ad Campaigns

We don't know much about how successful Google's Chromebooks really are. Outside of talking about their adoption in schools and businesses, Google has never released any detailed sales figures. Most a

Best Buy To Price Match Amazon And Other Online Retailers This Holiday Season

By raise of hands, who goes to Best Buy to try something they intend to buy on Amazon or Newegg? Everyone? In what could be the retailer's smartest move in years, Best Buy intends to match the prices
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