• ZOMG: Condoms for bikes

    Looks like germophobes everywhere will appreciate this one. They’re condoms made for bicycle handlebars. Or maybe you could just wash your hands every once in a while, or at least stop licking handlebars all the time. Read More

  • FC Barcelona striker Eto'o loves Nikon SLRs

    [photopress:etoopic1.jpg,full,center] FC Barcelona, més que un club, tore apart Levante UD at the weekend, with Cameroon international Samuel Eto’o scoring a hat-trick (that’s three goals for the uninitiated) in the process. After he scored his third goal, Eto’o raced toward the touchline and grabbed a digital camera. What brand of digital camera, you ask? Thanks to… Read More

  • NVIDIA going mobile with APX 2500 cell phone chip

    What say you to the idea of cramming an NVIDIA GeForce chip into your cell phone? It’s coming, and in high definition too. The NVIDIA APX 2500 is an ultra-low power mobile applications processing platform that’s recently been announced at the MWC in Barcelona. The new chipset will basically allow you to (among other things) capture and/or play back 720p movies and take photos at… Read More

  • Hands on with LG's great big shining stars

    Here we have the KF700 and KF600 in all their haptic, touchscreen glory. Can we expect these stateside? Probably not, but it’s nice to know we can drool. Oh, and the “watch phone” was there for all to ogle and shoot. Both phones are very slick and very dark, a massive change from their “Shine” movement of a few years ago. Read More

  • GPhone mauling

    Another collection of photos from my mauling of the GPhone in the wild. It’s ugly, sure, and it doesn’t work. But isn’t it… Read More

  • TechCrunch/CrunchGear/MobileCrunch Barcelona Meet-up – UPDATE!!

    We will hold tomorrow’s TC/CG/MC meet-up at the Cafe del Sol, Av Paral.lel 182, right down the street from the Fira. I’ve received quite a few emails already but RSVP with the subject line “BCN MEET-UP” to john @ so I can put together a head count. Apparently a bunch of strangers in a law office wasn’t quite a good idea. [Map] Read More

  • SkyNet is online in Barcelona, doing well

    An actual company in Barceona SkyNet was brought online on August 4, 1997 and immediately crashed. Disheartened, it settled in the outskirts of Barcelona, met a nice girl with a tongue stud, and now works as a web designer and makes and sells its own candles online. It still has a grudge against Sarah Connor, but it’s in therapy and… Read More

  • Hello from sunny Barcelona

    Hola from charming Espana. I’m here at the Mobile World Congress and just got out of a quick meeting with Samsung. Look for more goodies tonight from Sony-Ericsson and ShowStoppers along with a picture of my distended intestines, brought low by tapas and Estrella beer. I’m currently in and out of Wi-Fi and phone range so if you need to contact me SMS me at +972543563127. Merci! Read More

  • On the ground at MWC 2008

    Just got onto the Mobile World Congress grounds and will be posting here — on the service side — and on CrunchGear [RSS] for gadgets and phones. I’ll try do lots of cross-posting but expect some juicy Mobile 2.0 news soon. If you need to contact me, SMS me at +972543563127 or email john@crunchgear dot com. The meet-up is still on Wednesday at 6pm, location TBD. Merci! Read More