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  • Former Macromedia CEO And Adobe Board Member Rob Burgess Joins Syncapse Board

    Social technology startup Syncapse this morning announced a big score with the appointment of Rob Burgess to the company’s Board of Directors. Burgess was Chairman and CEO of Macromedia from 1996–2005, when Adobe Systems acquired the company for approximately $4 billion. He currently also sits on Adobe’s board. Read More

  • Flash Player To Come Bundled With Google Chrome, New Browser Plugin API Coming

    The rumors were true: Adobe and Google are tightening their partnership, seemingly both warily eying Apple in the process – and Mozilla plays a role in this story as well. Concretely, Adobe has announced that its Flash Player will be included with future versions of Google Chrome right out the gate, so users will soon no longer be required to download and install a third-party plugin to… Read More

  • Adobe Releases Flash Player 10.1 And AIR 2.0 – Both Include Multi-touch Support

    A mere week after Adobe Systems reported that it would be shedding nearly 700 employees or 9% of its total worldwide workforce, the company is releasing two highly anticipated new products that have been in the works for a while: Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0. Both of the products are being released with a ‘beta’ label at the same time for all 3 major operating systems (Windows… Read More

  • Adobe Shows Off Flash Apps For iPhone. Yes, You Read That Right.

    Never say never: Adobe Labs is today showing off a couple of Flash applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch platform at its annual Adobe MAX event. A couple of demo applications made by third-party developers are already available on the Apple App Store and are built using the brand new Flash Professional CS5, of which a public beta with pre-release support for building applications for iPhone… Read More

  • Adobe Gets Into Widget Distribution And Advertising With Help From Gigya

    Many of the widgets scattered across the Web are made in Flash, but Adobe doesn’t participate in the widget economy. Today, it is taking a first tentative step towards changing that with the release of a new Distribution Manager for widgets created on the Flash Platform. In addition to making it easier for people to share the widgets across 70 Web and mobile destinations, it will… Read More

  • Breaking: Adobe To Acquire Omniture For Approximately $1.8 Billion

    Adobe Systems has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Omniture for the former to acquire the latter in a transaction valued at approximately $1.8 billion on a fully diluted equity-value basis. Under the terms of the agreement, Adobe will commence a tender offer to acquire all of the outstanding common stock of Omniture for $21.50 per share in cash. The proposed… Read More

  • Adobe Buys Business Catalyst / GoodBarry

    We suspect Business Catalyst, the company behind e-commerce software suite GoodBarry, went a little early with the news on its own website, but that’s a boon for tech business reporters awake at this time of day. Turns out Adobe Systems has agreed to acquire the part American, part Australian company for an undisclosed amount. Details are scarce since there’s no press release… Read More

  • Late To The Game: Adobe Now Lets You Share Videos On

    With online video hosting still in a rather embryonic phase, it’s only natural for Adobe Systems to lead innovation in the space by making it possible for users to upload and share motion pictures with friends and family online. Well, that would have been a good story lead five years ago, and then some. But please forgive my sarcasm for Adobe is lauding the new support for video on… Read More

  • Am I Last To Find Out You Can Circumvent PDF Usage Restrictions With Gmail?

    I expect many of you already were aware of this, but I can imagine at least some of you aren’t yet, so here goes: apparently you can lift the usage restrictions from Adobe PDF files by simply forwarding them as attachments to your Gmail account and opening them in HTML mode right from your inbox. That way, you can copy whatever the ‘secured’ PDF contains to a text editing… Read More

  • Flash Hits Android – When Will Apple Play Catch-up?

    So we just got word that HTC will be the first manufacturer to bring Adobe Flash to the Android platform with the release of its new Hero / Sense device. If you needed more proof that Android is here to stay and will not sit on the sidelines in the mobile operating systems game, this is it. If you think about it, the iPhone is now the only platform with substantial weight on the market… Read More

  • Facebook Hooks Up With Adobe For Richer Social Applications In Flash

    Not to be outdone by MySpace announcing a deeper partnership with Microsoft yesterday, bringing Silverlight technology to its development platform and mobile application, Facebook and Adobe are today announcing a partnership and the release of fresh Flash client libraries to make it easier for developers to plug into the Facebook Platform inside their social applications built with… Read More