• William Gibson Talks Life on "The Peripheral"

    An Interview With William Gibson, Author Of The Future

    William Gibson didn’t invent the Web but he gave us the language we use to describe it. His original Sprawl trilogy defined the buzz of the dot-com days and led the futurist charge in media including inspiring Wired, Mondo 2000, and much of the Matrix trilogy. Fast forward to his Bridge trilogy and you see the beginnings of a strange new San Francisco peopled with hackers, murderers… Read More

  • EyeFocus Accelerator Launches In Berlin

    EyeFocus Accelerator Launches In Berlin To Focus On Eye-care Startups

    A new startup accelerator launch in Berlin this week. But while there are accelerators dotted all over Berlin, this one will be ‘laser-focused’ on startups in the area of the human eye. The EyeFocus Accelerator claims to be world’s first accelerator focussed on eye-care. It plans to invest up to 20,000 Euros into startups that are helping prevent, cure, and live with… Read More

  • CubeSensors Now Sensing Sleep

    CubeSensors Will Now Monitor Your Sleeping Environment

    CubeSensors is a startup that makes small, pretty stylish, connected devices that monitor rooms, feeding back information about air quality, temperature, and other things. It was a star performer at our TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield during CES 2014. It’s now produced an update to its Cubes which monitors your bedroom environment to help you get a good night’s sleep. CubeSensors… Read More

  • Aeromobil Is A Flying Car With A Top Speed of 124 MPH… On Land

    Aeromobil Is A Flying Car With A Top Speed of 124 MPH… On Land

    At the recent 2014 Pioneers Festival in Vienna, we caught up with the founders of Aeromobil, Stefan Klein and Juraj Vaculik, who unveiled version 3.0 of their swing-wing, six-meter-long steel and carbon-fiber flying car. The Aeromobil, designed and built in Slovakia, has a flight range of 543 miles or 875 kilometres, or can drive with a top speed of up to 124 mph or 200 km/h. Pretty fast… Read More

  • Pact Coffee Fuels the UK with Fair Trade

    Pact Aims To Take The Freshest Coffee Imaginable Direct To Your Door

    Starting in October 2012 in his kitchen, Stephen Rapoport, founder of Pact Coffee, decided to create a new kind of tech-driven coffee startup which could deliver the freshest coffee to people, and ween the British off of their famous obsession with instant coffee. That obsession was born out of rationing in World War II, to the point where out of the £1bn of coffee sold in the UK, £740m of it… Read More

  • Gotham Greens | Built in Brooklyn

    Built In Brooklyn: Gotham Greens Turns Rooftops Into Urban Farms

    For our latest episode of Built in Brooklyn, we went to the new Whole Foods in Gowanus — which might seem a little strange, but that’s where you’ll find urban agriculture startup Gotham Greens. Specifically, the company runs a greenhouse growing pesticide-free produce on the store’s roof, and that produce is sold in the Whole Foods itself. (To be clear, Gotham Greens… Read More

  • Indiegogo's Crowd Pleasing HQ | TC Cribs

    TC Cribs: Indiegogo’s Colorful And Crowd-Pleasing Abode

    Today’s episode of Cribs brings us to the Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco, which is where the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo calls home. The company has just recently unveiled a new rebrand that was meant to focus on all the many varied projects that use Indiegogo to raise money, and its office definitely reflects that eclectic vibe — and is filled with lots… Read More

  • Maker's Row Manufacturing | Built in Brooklyn

    Built In Brooklyn: Maker’s Row Bets On US Manufacturing

    For the first episode of our new show Built In Brooklyn, we took the “built” part of the title pretty seriously. I mean, we here at TechCrunch think it’s pretty meaningful to build a great website or mobile app — but there’s some extra cool about visiting the manufacturers who are actually building or assembling physical goods. I got to see some of that… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang: Eating the World

    Gillmor Gang: Eating the World

    The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, John Taschek, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Thursday, October 30, 2014. A good news week, disguised as mobile, Facebook, and notifications eating the world. Just beneath the surface, the power of micro-communities lurking. Read More

  • Microsoft Band Demo

    Hands On With Microsoft’s New Fitness Wearable, The Band

    Dropping out of left field like a foul fly ball from the Kansas City Royals this week, the Microsoft Band was a surprise. Part fitness band, part computer, part mobile Twitter and stock-checking smartgadget, the Band is a mix of things. And it pretty much works. It’s still a bit clunky, as you might expect from first-generation hardware, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Band. Read More

  • The Orange Chef Prep Pad | One Lap

    One Lap: The Orange Chef Preps At Full Speed

    Every industry is ripe for disruption, and food preparation is no exception. Traditional recipes are static and driven by standard portion sizes. With experience, a good chef knows how to properly modify recipes according to objectives of taste and healthiness. But this process today is driven by intuition based on years of experience cooking and learning what works and what doesn’t. Read More

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