• Social Media Club opens its London chapter

    News from Jackie Daniki, “if you are in London and into the social media thing, especially from a PR/marketing perspective, please join her, BrainJams‘ Chris Heuer, and PR firm Fleishman Hillard for the launch of The Social Media Club’s London chapter on Friday 15th September at the offices of Fleishman Hillard They are going to get started at 5.30pm, and wrap up… Read More

  • LinkedIn supports microformats … at last

    Thanks to Chris Messina for single-handedly badgering sections of the industry to adopt microformats. Besides his recent open letter to Google about integrating microformats into the next version of blogger, he has also been pressing for LinkedIn, the business focused social network, to add support for microformats. Well it seems it has worked and a couple of days ago, LinkedIn announced that… Read More

  • Cogenz social bookmarking for the enterprise

    A newly-launched enterprise bookmarking system, Cogenz, has announced it is looking for beta customers from a range of vertical industries. The system has been developed using .NET and SQLServer 2005 by London-based Niall Cook, who has been running the system in alpha since July this year with “No superfluous use of AJAX!” according to Cook. Until recently, Cogenz was in private… Read More

  • ShoZu 3.0 to launch soon with ZuCasts

    In the world of Mobile Web 2.0 applications, ShoZu has been an early winner. When it was launched last October, it was the first widely distributed application to support Photo sharing directly from the mobile. and promotion on Flickr and other sites gave it an early boost. Cognima CTO Andy Tiller wowed the attendees of Mobile Monday London in March of this year with a live demo of ShoZu… Read More

  • Adam Curry announces the BT Podshow partnership

    BT will announce today that is has partnered with the Podshow which is run by the “PodFather” himself Adam Curry, a former MTV VJ and one of podcasting’s inventors, to create the BTPodshow. The PodShow Podcast Network was formed in 2005 by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom. It hosts many popular personalities and shows including Curry’s own program “the daily source… Read More

  • Fwicki takes RSS to the Max

    Of late Dave Winer has been talking about rivers of news. i.e the analogy of standing on the bank of a river as it flows past but instead of water Dave is seeing RSS feeds with information passing him.  Where’s this idea come from, well Dave recently got a blackberry and has found the side-scroll button which enables him to quickly move up and down an email or webpage.   So using… Read More

  • Private BETA screening for bloggers?

    Hugh McLeod, he of gapingvoid fame, is talking about inviting bloggers to a private screening of a new film called Hallam Foe. At the moment the Hallam Foe film screening has been tentatively pencilled in for 28th September followed by a Geek dinner? The aim is to get the invitees to blog about the film and spread the word. Hugh describes it as a “what do you think” event which… Read More

  • Skype-out free in France

    Skype announced today that all French-based Skype users with a broadband internet connection can make unlimited SkypeOut calls to landlines in France for free! This offer is valid in France from September 7 to December 31 2006. After the huge success of a similar initiative for Skype users based in North America in May this year, France is the first European country where Skype has launched… Read More

  • BT toss Vodafone a broadband bone

    It seems the expected merger of BT and Vodafone has taken another step forward. Currently BT have an MVNO agreement with Vodafone to provide BT Mobile and today Vodafone announced it has signed a deal with BT Wholesale to sell the telco’s fixed-line broadband services alongside its traditional mobile packages.  According to VNU, “Vodafone refused to comment on whether there would be… Read More

  • People4business helps the portfolio worker

    In his book The Age of Unreason, Charles Handy (1998) predicted how the world of stable, long-term employment would come to an end and how this fundamental shift in the workplace, would result in the emergence of the “portfolio worker” and the “portfolio career.” Charles Handy wrote: “individuals will maintain portfolios of their skills, abilities, and… Read More

  • Sybase buys Mobile365 in an all cash transaction

    Sybase recently signed a definitive agreement to acquire Mobile 365, a mobile messaging and content delivery service provider, in an all cash transaction worth $425m. Following the closing of the transaction, Mobile 365 will operate as Sybase Mobile 365, a wholly-owned subsidiary. The new subsidiary will be led by Marty Beard, Sybase’s senior vice president of corporate development… Read More

  • Terapad goes beyond blogging

    I first started blogging in November 2002, using Dave’ Winer’s Radio Userland. The blog was called Second Thoughts and it covered topics such as web services, DRM, open source, start-ups, Microsoft and Google. Oddly looking back at some of the posts, nothing seems to have really changed, other than the fact I moved my personal blog to Six Apart’s Typepad in July 2003 and… Read More

  • The QueensSpeech

    QueensSpeech is a new London-based Social Networking and Social Publishing service for the lesbian and gay community. hope to become the new way for the gay and lesbian community to network, share thoughts, ideas and opinions – as well as get published and recognised online. Each member has their own ‘personal space’ where they can create as much or as little… Read More

  • Ubiquisys Secures $12M Funding

    UbiquiSys, the developer of ZoneGate™, announced today it has secured first round investment totalling $12m from Accel Partners, Advent Venture Partners and Atlas Ventures. So what is ZoneGate and what problem does it fix? Today I have three phone numbers that people can call me on, fixed line at home and/or work (old world), mobile (now world) and VoIP (next world) but really I’d like… Read More

  • WhoIS Domjax?

    DomJax is a very handy new Web 2.0 domain name search engine written using Ajax by Third Eye Solutions. Domjax is basically WhoIS on steroids. It enables you to streamline your domain name search process across all of your TLD’s i.e .com, .net, It also serves as a tool for search engine optimization enabling you to check your web traffic, review content and archived web pages… Read More

  • Blacknight first Irish hosting provider to introduce support for Ruby on Rails.

    Irish based hosting provider and domain registration company Blacknight Solutions has started to offer Ruby on Rails hosting to its clients. Ruby on Rails developers wanting to try out the new technology can get up and running in a couple of minutes. The latest versions of both Ruby on Rails and Ruby gems are available to allow web developers produce content rich applications for their… Read More

  • Friends of the Earth hope politicians get the message

    Britain’s leading political blogs recently joined forces to sell their combined advertising space, in an attempt to cash in on the growing commercial potential of the blogosphere.  The seven websites – including the country’s top three political blogs Guido Fawkes, and former Tory candidate Iain Dale – have launched an advertising sales service… Read More

  • Gliffy helps you draw in a jiffy.

    Gliffy is a next-generation collaborative rich internet application for drawing FlowCharts, UML, Network diagrams etc., has just started its public beta.  Gliffy is purely a web based application, which runs in your web browser, so there is no need to download any additional software to use it. By leveraging new web technologies, Flash (OpenLaszlo), Gliffy brings you a familiar… Read More

  • Mobango is coming to the UK

    Italian based Mobango, a social network for mobile internet users, is soon to launch in the UK. Mobango enables users to publish, convert or share with friends their user generated media and content either via the web or via a mobile device. The Mobango web site is a collection of free mobile content such as videos, ringtones, pictures and wallpapers, all easy to download and… Read More

  • Juicy pinppl is Refreshing Mobile Social Networking Morsel

    In the burgeoning world of mobile-social communities, you’ve got to have a differentiator. Pinppl (pronounced by some as”pineapple,” though definitively pronounced “PIN People” by its founder, Paul Anthony) delivers the goods by building a community exclusive to Blackberry users, all based around the ubiquitous Blackberry PIN. The PIN is Blackberry’s own… Read More