Zooomr Mark III: New Features, Better Look

Zooomr has launched its latest version, Zooomr Mark III today with over 250 additional features, enhancements and upgrades. The photo sharing company headed by the just turned 19 Kristopher Tate provi

Zooomr Doubles Flickr's Monthly Photo Upload Limits

As of tonight, upstart photo sharing site Zooomr has increased its monthly photo upload limits for free and pro accounts. Free account holders will be allowed 100 MB of photo uploads per month and pro

More Merger Rumors – Xuqa, Dovetail, Zooomr

The acquisition rumor train is running at full steam. We’ve got the really small deals going through ebay (see our post yesterday rounding up the recent ones), and lots of chatter about the larg

Zooomr launches zoomable picture in picture feature

Photosharing upstart Zooomr launched a number of new features today, the most notable one called Portals. It’s a means of linking zoomable pictures inside of each other. It’s quite strikin

Zooomr Being Courted

Rumors are circulating that controversial photo sharing site Zooomr, the creation of 18 year old Kristopher Tate, is in acquisition discussions with at least three possible acquirors, with discussions

Why is Flickr afraid of Zooomr?

Flickr says that users own the the images and tags we enter into their system. Apparently that doesn’t mean they have to make it easy for us to take what we own elsewhere. When Kristopher Tate,

Zooomr 2.0 Screenshots, New Features

Zooomr, the company launched by 17 year old Kristopher Tate (he’s now 18) in March, will be releasing a new beta version 2.0 sometime around the end of June. The biggest focus of the new release

The Flickr Gunners

Flickr wasn’t the first photo sharing site, and it isn’t the most popular. In fact, it isn’t even the most popular photo sharing site owned by Yahoo – this is. But Flickr caugh

Flickr has some catching up to do

Kristopher Tate walked Brian Oberkirch and me through a demo of his zooomr project at a meetro party last week (Kris, who’s 17, works full time at meetro and zooomr is a side project). He launch