• Zooomr Mark III: New Features, Better Look

    Zooomr has launched its latest version, Zooomr Mark III today with over 250 additional features, enhancements and upgrades. The photo sharing company headed by the just turned 19 Kristopher Tate provides a range of appealing features including unlimited storage. Previous TechCrunch coverage here. 9 months in the making, we can’t possibly list all the changes, but we can focus on the… Read More

  • Zooomr Doubles Flickr's Monthly Photo Upload Limits

    As of tonight, upstart photo sharing site Zooomr has increased its monthly photo upload limits for free and pro accounts. Free account holders will be allowed 100 MB of photo uploads per month and pro accounts 4 GB per month. The company emphasizes that this means Zooomr is offering 5 times as much upload for free accounts as Flickr does and is doubling Flickr’s pro account size. … Read More

  • More Merger Rumors – Xuqa, Dovetail, Zooomr

    The acquisition rumor train is running at full steam. We’ve got the really small deals going through ebay (see our post yesterday rounding up the recent ones), and lots of chatter about the largest independent web sites looking for $1 – $2 billion (see Facebook and YouTube). Even Napster, a public company with $100 million in the bank, is looking for love. But there are lots of… Read More

  • Zooomr launches zoomable picture in picture feature

    Photosharing upstart Zooomr launched a number of new features today, the most notable one called Portals. It’s a means of linking zoomable pictures inside of each other. It’s quite striking, as you can see from the video below. Zooomr also released annotation features today that include the ability to leave notes on images that are color coded by friend status and people notes… Read More

  • Zooomr Being Courted

    Rumors are circulating that controversial photo sharing site Zooomr, the creation of 18 year old Kristopher Tate, is in acquisition discussions with at least three possible acquirors, with discussions taking place in the $5 million range. I ran the rumor by one of the supposed bidders, who confirmed on the condition of anonymitity that they were in talks to acquire the company. They said… Read More

  • Why is Flickr afraid of Zooomr?

    Flickr says that users own the the images and tags we enter into their system. Apparently that doesn’t mean they have to make it easy for us to take what we own elsewhere. When Kristopher Tate, the founder of the feature-rich startup photosharing site Zooomr (see prior coverage), asked Flickr earlier this month for access to their Commercial API, Flickr’s response by email was… Read More

  • Zooomr 2.0 Screenshots, New Features

    Zooomr, the company launched by 17 year old Kristopher Tate (he’s now 18) in March, will be releasing a new beta version 2.0 sometime around the end of June. The biggest focus of the new release will be increased stability and speed – Zooomr was taken down repeatedly by massive traffic spikes around its launch. There’s a lot I like about Zooomr, but where they are really… Read More

  • The Flickr Gunners

    Flickr wasn’t the first photo sharing site, and it isn’t the most popular. In fact, it isn’t even the most popular photo sharing site owned by Yahoo – this is. But Flickr caught our attention and, at least with the technology-savvy crowd, it has become synonymous with photo sharing. A whole new crop of services are gunning for flickr and the title of “coolest… Read More

  • Flickr has some catching up to do

    Kristopher Tate walked Brian Oberkirch and me through a demo of his zooomr project at a meetro party last week (Kris, who’s 17, works full time at meetro and zooomr is a side project). He launched zooomr on March 1, 2006 after working on it for only three months or so. And what he’s built is a flickr on steroids. Zooomr has a similar interface as flickr but does a lot more. You… Read More