Zooomr Doubles Flickr's Monthly Photo Upload Limits

As of tonight, upstart photo sharing site Zooomr has increased its monthly photo upload limits for free and pro accounts. Free account holders will be allowed 100 MB of photo uploads per month and pro accounts 4 GB per month. The company emphasizes that this means Zooomr is offering 5 times as much upload for free accounts as Flickr does and is doubling Flickr’s pro account size. Pro accounts at Zooomr have been free for bloggers since July.

We’ve covered Zooomr since launch but I personally have just recently come to appreciate what they are doing. They offer manual and automatic geotagging, picture in picture zooming, and audio narration attached to files, among other things. The Zooomr interface is localized in 18 different languages – that’s a big deal. They are doing a great job of innovating rapidly, extending themselves into the world, offering really good value and an engaging user experience.

The company is made up of its 18 year old founder Kristopher Tate and long time photographer Thomas Hawk. I met the two of them when we were among a small group of new media members who visited the offices of Getty Images last week – see Thomas Hawk’s lengthy coverage of the event. I couldn’t help but worry that the giant photo company wanted to grind up the soul of this innovative little startup. For now at least, they are continuing to make gutsy moves like doubling the upload limits of the most high profile innovator in their space and coming out with new features at a pace that any company would be envious of.