• Twitter Blindsided Ecosystem Leader Twitpic With Photo Product

    Twitter Blindsided Ecosystem Leader Twitpic With Photo Product

    Yesterday, leading up to today’s announcement of Twitter’s new photo sharing capabilities, we reported hearing that Twitter had approached some ecosystem players months ago about their potential move into the arena. One player not consulted? A massive one: Twitpic. “We never heard from Twitter that they were building a photo feature,” Twitpic founder Noah Everett tells us. Read More

  • The Twitter Photo Sharing Horse Race

    Roughly a year ago, TwitPic was the undisputed king of Twitter photo sharing services, with 4 to 5 times the traffic of its closest competitors. Today, the picture looks way different, at least according to web analytics company Compete. TwitPic is still big, mind you, but has clearly lost some of its shine. Read More

  • ImageShack Updates iPhone App With Powerful Photo, Video Sharing Options

    ImageShack, one of the largest media hosting sites on the Web, updated its iPhone app ImageShack Uploader (iTunes link) this morning, unlocking features that enable users to easily share both videos and photos using either ImageShack services and third-party sites like YouTube and Twitter. ImageShack Uploader 2.0, which is free of charge, lets you record videos and shoot pictures using the… Read More

  • yFrog Launches Twitter Clients For BlackBerry And Android

    yFrog, an image and video sharing site for Twitter, is furthering its mobile strategy by launching both BlackBerry and Android apps. Yfrog for Blackberry lets you Tweet text, images and video to Twitter, view tweets, search Yfrog, view followers and people you’re following, and view messages and mentions The Android app is more feature-rich, and lets you Tweet text, images and videos… Read More

  • Seesmic Desktop Continues To Grow, Adds Facebook Fan Pages, Yfrog Integration And More

    Seesmic, the startup behind the Twitter and Facebook desktop and web clients, is launching a new version of Seesmic Desktop that adds Facebook fan pages, yFrog integration, a “reply to all” button for messages and a favorites timeline. Developed by French entrepreneur Loic Le Meur, Seesmic recently launched its browser-based Twitter client at TechCrunch’s Real-Time Stream… Read More

  • First Twitter, Now The Web Starts To Embrace Bit.ly: Google, TypePad, CBS and yfrog

    When Twitter decided to start using Bit.ly as its default URL-shortener, usage exploded. But the service was able to handle the rise in usage, and has been steadily adding new features. And now other major players on the web are rewarding that reliability by also embracing it. Today on its blog, Bit.ly details a few of the new API uses and partnerships that they’ve been cooking… Read More

  • It Really Should Have Been Called The iPhone 3G V – For Video

    Disclosure: I have not bought an iPhone 3G S — I’m still unsure if I will. Apple gave me a review unit to play with for 60 days. So, I’ve now had a full day with the latest iPhone, the 3G S. So far, so good. This isn’t meant to be a full review — that will come later. But I wanted to give an initial reaction based on the last 24 hours, because as someone who has… Read More

  • Twicsy Is A Killer And Kind Of Creepy Way To Search Pictures Shared On Twitter

    I don’t know about you, but when I see a link to a picture shared on Twitter, I almost always click on it. Sharing images in real-time is a particularly interesting use of the service. And now there’s a more interesting way to view these time-sensitive pictures with Twicsy. The service, launched by the social search engine Searchles, features a main page that is filled with… Read More

  • TweetPhoto Aims To Take On TwitPic By Adding More Features. Will It Stick?

    People love to share photos on Twitter, so it wasn’t much of a surprise to see many independent application developers focused on facilitating just that through tools using the micro-sharing service’s API. Many of them have been submitted to us, and we wrote about a few in the past, from stand-alone services like TwitPic, Twitxr, Pixim to add-on services from photo sharing… Read More

  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousands Tweets: Pixim And TweetPhoto Emerge

    There’s been a proliferation of photo sharing apps tied to Twitter, including TwitPic, Twitxr (review), and Yfrog (review), giving users a vast amount of choice when it comes to image sharing on the popular micro-blogging service. But TwitPic seems to have emerged as the leader of the pack. The service took the top spot on our list of the most popular Twitter applications according… Read More

  • ImageShack Launches Mediocre TwitPic Alternative

    ImageShack, the oft-forgotten and underestimated venture capital backed media hosting company, has quietly launched an alternative to the image sharing tools for Twitter already out there, like TwitPic and Twitxr. The tool is called Yfrog and like its counterparts it allows for immediate posting to your Twitter stream any image you upload or link to. Evidently, the image is hosted by… Read More