The Twitter Photo Sharing Horse Race

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Roughly a year ago, TwitPic was the undisputed king of Twitter photo sharing services, with 4 to 5 times the traffic of its closest competitors.

Today, the picture looks way different, at least according to web analytics company Compete. TwitPic is still big, mind you, but has clearly lost some of its shine.

Competitors like TweetPhoto (review) and yfrog (review), meanwhile, have experienced rapid growth in the past 12 months and are now about as popular as TwitPic judging by Compete’s traffic estimates – which are admittedly often way off in terms of absolute numbers but are pretty decent at depicting trends.

Photobucket’s TwitGoo (review), meanwhile, has so far failed to make strides.

For what it’s worth, TwitPic founder Noah Everett seems to have focused at least part of his attention away from the core product to other things of late, launching a stealth startup called Heello and setting up TwitPic Labs to showcase side projects.

Which horse do you ride?