Never mind, Xerox’s CEO is staying put for now

In a self-congratulatory statement, Carl Icahn compared the Xerox/Fujifilm story to television dramas like House of Cards and Billions. Certainly the whole thing has its share of twists and turns. Two

Xerox CEO is out ahead of planned Fujifilm deal

The Xerox/Fujifilm deal was never a given for any number of reasons. Now the planned takeover has been thrown into even more doubt, as Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson and six board members are stepping down.

Billionaire investors Icahn and Deason write blog post slamming Xerox-Fuji deal

Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason are a couple of seasoned billionaire investors, who know a bad deal when they see it, and they definitely don’t like the $6.1 billion deal announced last month to co

Fujifilm will take over Xerox, cut 10,000 jobs

Fujifilm announced this week that it’s set to take a majority stake in Xerox. The news comes as the U.S. tech stalwart and photocopying synonym struggles to cope with an eroding demand for office pr

Living Computer Museum restores Xerox Alto and debuts new emulator

Anyone interested in the history of personal computing will surely have heard of the Alto, but when's the last time you got to play with one? It's been a while even for Paul Allen — long enough that

The One Thing Every Great Company Has In Common

Obscured in the valuation dust of the current unicorn stampede is a key question: What actually makes a great company great? What do the future Facebooks, Googles and Apples have in common -- not to m

Fliplet Secures Seed Funding For Its ‘Fast’ Enterprise Apps Building Platform

You’re a business that wants to create a mobile app, but faster than it would take a designer to build something bespoke. UK-based startup Fliplet says it has come up with a simple way to do thi

Apple Hires New Corporate Controller Luca Maestri Away From Xerox

Xerox <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> today that Luca Maestri, Executive Vice President and Chief F

Number Of U.S. Companies With Green Programs Increased 54 Percent In 2010

<img src=""></img> The number of American businesses with formal green programs in place increased 54 percent last year

Solo Drivers In Los Angeles Will Soon Be Allowed To Drive In Carpool Lanes For A Fee

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> This week, <a href="">A

PowerCloud Systems Spins Out Of PARC, Gets More Backers

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Xerox' Palo Alto Research Center (<a href="">PARC</a>) is spinning out <a href="ht

Xerox Playing Catch-Up: Buys ACS

<img src="" alt="xeroxlogo" title="xeroxlogo" width="175" height="50" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-3747" /><a href="http://ww

New color printer cuts printing costs, costs $20,000

<img src="">Cheap color printing has long been the holy grail of grade-schoolers everywhere<small>*</small>. As yo

19,683 Tech Layoffs And Counting

<img src="" /> This has been a brutal month or so for tech layoffs. According to our <a href="

150 copies per minute: The ORPHIS X9050 is the world's fastest photocopier

Japanese office equipment manufacturer Riso has developed the world’s fastest color photocopier for office use [JP] (at least this is what they and their partner Olympus claim). The ORPHIS X9050

Xerox's new gel printer ink might trickle down in a decade or so

Don’t expect this new ink to be hitting a printer near you any time soon, but I found it reassuring that the companies in charge aren’t just sitting back and letting the cash roll in. They

Xerox wants to make sure your printer is environmentally super-duper (else you can buy one of theirs)

[photopress:xeroxtools.jpg,full,center] Xerox, the textbook definition of “metonym,” wants to guilt-trip you into ditching your [apparently] environmentally devastating printer for one of

Xerox Enters Search Market

Xerox announced its entry into the search market this week with FactSpotter, document search software that is claimed to go beyond conventional keyword search. FactSpotter is text mining software that