• WowWee’s got a new coding robot and a dead-simple drone

    WowWee’s got a new coding robot and a dead-simple drone

    WowWee, the Hong Kong-based manufacturer behind that old RadioShack stalwart, RoboSapien, showed off a couple of promising high-tech toys due out in the fall. COJI is one of the company’s more compelling products in a while. The little robot, which made its first public appearance at ToyFair earlier this year, is designed with the noble task of making coding more accessible for… Read More

  • Hands-On With WowWee’s AppGear AR Gaming Toys

    Hands-On With WowWee’s AppGear AR Gaming Toys

    WowWee, not content with creating singing Elvis heads, is branching out into AppGear Appcessories – apps that require AR-based accessories, allowing you to interact with real environments using an iPhone or iPod Touch. These games, arriving in stores in April, include a zombie game where you’re the zombies fighting off upset homeowners (What a twist!) and an air battle game… Read More

  • Light Strikers: Like Laser Tag But Much Better

    Remember Lazer Tag? Remember how great it was? What if you could play Lazer Tag with 100 of your closest friends? Sounds great, right? The new Light Strike gun game kit is for kids eight and up and includes a gun with customizable features including upgradable features, unique target vests, and a unique health and ammo system built-into the guns. You can create up to four teams of… Read More

  • WowWee Releases New Paper Jamz Pro-Series Guitars, Now With Downloadable Music

    Not content to totally rock your face off with their current Paper Jamz offerings, WowWee has created a new version of the paper-thin guitars complete with downloadable content, more power chords, and special waa waa function that bends notes when you shake the neck. The new guitars have downloadable songs as well as downloadable guitar sounds including heavy metal and twanging country. They… Read More

  • Wowwee Creates Justin Bieber Key-Tar

    Presented without comment. Look for this from WowWee later this year. Read More

  • Gibson Forces Wowwee to Pull Paper Jamz Guitars

    One of my favorite toys of the season was the Paper Jamz guitar and amp. Sadly, Gibson didn’t think it was so great and sued the manufacturer, WowWee, for infringing on their image. See, the Paper Jamz may be made of paper, but they kind of look like the Gibson, so the guitar company sued them for trademark infringement, suggesting that WowWee claimed that the guitars “looked… Read More

  • Need a new friend? How about the WowWee Robover or Joebot?

    Man alive, there’s only a few topics I write about with any regularity here: e-books, World of Warcraft, sports, and robots. I’m not even a fan of robots, and yet I always get assigned the robot stories! Like today, I wake up and see this assigned to me: new WowWee robots. What? Oooh, WowWee, I know them. Read More

  • WowWee Hoverpod looks like a shoe, will not cut off small fingers

    The WowWee Hoverpod is a completely self-contained foam hovercraft that is charged and controlled via a small IR unit. You can swoosh this little buddy all around your house without fear because the main fan is hidden under the body. Read More

  • Spyball: Capture the face of God

    Throw this to the heavens and trigger its eye. Send the robotic ball into the deepest caves and have it take photographs of his swart majesty. Expand your mind and let the ball roll in. The WowWee Spyball will let you watch anything anywhere over a Wi-Fi connection – basically has a web server built in. You can even control it remotely. Read More

  • Wowwee's CES offerings are very interesting

    From the makers of those superfluous robotic toys comes a handful of useful and rather interesting offerings for this year’s CES. A DLP pico projector that bends 90-degrees? Hell yes. That’s the Cinemin Swivel. The Cinemin Stick is a little smaller and takes SD cards, but doesn’t bend over backward. There’s also an iPod dock dubbed the Cinemin Station. Did I mention… Read More

  • WowWee launches new RS Tri-bot robot

    Just in time for Christmas commercial bonanza, WowWee unveiled the latest robot in its Robosapien line: RS Tri-bot. The little guy seems to sport Rovio-ish ‘legs’ but also an interactive talking feature that is sure to amuse your little sister – or, for our ‘grown up’ peeps, your cat. The whole thing is controlled via a tilt-sensor equipped remote that gives… Read More

  • Three informative WowWee Rovio commercials

      The production Rovio launched a few days ago and just uploaded a few videos that showcase the little guy’s key features. So, if you are still unclear what the Wifi remote control webcam robot thingie does, check out the one above and the two after the jump. Read More

  • Hammacher Schlemmer selling WowWee Rovio under the totally uncool name of Anywhere Home Sentry

    Just think of what you could do with the Hammacher Schlemmer Anywhere Home Sentry, or as we know it by and are going to refer to it as, the WowWee Rovio. You have full control over the $299, three-wheeled bot via an internet-connected browser and can even interact with those in sight of the Rovio thanks to a 640 x 480 video cam and a microphone / speaker setup. The three-wheel alignment… Read More

  • Video: WowWee's FlyTech Bladestar Flyer now shipping

    Available now for $50 from retailers like Toys R Us, Amazon, Target, and WowWee. I wonder if I have one in the office. Read More

  • WowWee Wrex the Dog

    I think something inside me died. If you think this is clever, however, feel free to read the full review over at Now I have to go change my shirt. Read More

  • Review: WowWee Flytech Butterfly

    [ It flies like a real butterfly! I was actually quite surprised at the build quality on this thing. Usually these sorts of things blow into a million pieces on the first day but the Flytech butterfly withstood quite a few crash landings during our trials. The dog also bit it a few times, which is usually the kiss of death for toys like this. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Creepy WowWee Alive Elvis for $99

    Who is going to buy one now that $250 have been knocked off? TOP 10 RANDOM (UNSUGGESTED) ALIVE ELVIS USES: 1. Ward of burglars with Elvis’ infrared sensors
    2. Take the HOV lane to work with Elvis as your passenger
    3. Forget beauty school, all you need is a comb and hairspray to practice
    4. His leather coat makes a nice shrug or bolero jacket
    5. No need to go stag at your next high… Read More

  • Hawks are stupid, think WowWee FlyTech Dragonfly is real

    So, out on Long Island some kid’s FlyTech Dragonfly was snatched out of the air by a hawk that mistook it for actual prey. Either the hawk is really stupid and/or blind or WowWee’s flying robot is the technological marvel they claim it to be. I’ve seen it in action multiple times and for anything to fly that isn’t meant to fly, it’s pretty impresive. After… Read More

  • Wowwee: Really freaking cool this year

    Tribot love Chunk! Wowwee’s new robots — the Roomba-like Rovio and the Robio-Sapien-like Tribot — are built on the same 3-wheel model. The Rovio has built-in GPS and webcam while the Tribot runs around looking cute. The Tribot is $99.99 — amazingly cheap for such impressive tech — and the Rovio is unannounced. Presumably it… Read More

  • WowWee FlyTech Barry B. Benson RC Bee: This Means Satan Walks Among Us

    Can you smell the brimstone, people? This is the end of days. It’s a flying bee. From WowWee. It’s supposed to be from Dreamworks’ Bee Movie but you and I both know that this is Old Scratch’s doing. He and his minions are taking the form of robotic flying bees and will soon open the first seal — The Sex and the City movie. Get thee to a nunnery, friends… Read More