Hammacher Schlemmer selling WowWee Rovio under the totally uncool name of Anywhere Home Sentry

Just think of what you could do with the Hammacher Schlemmer Anywhere Home Sentry, or as we know it by and are going to refer to it as, the WowWee Rovio. You have full control over the $299, three-wheeled bot via an internet-connected browser and can even interact with those in sight of the Rovio thanks to a 640 x 480 video cam and a microphone / speaker setup. The three-wheel alignment allows for nimble movement and the camera rides on a boom that can be extended up for better viewing. The battery should last about two hours and when it needs a charge, the Rovio can navigate back to its charger. 

The robot can be preprogrammed with 10 routes and can navigate around obstacles thanks to an infrared sensor, so just think of the horror, or fun, the Rovio can provoke. Personally, I’m thinking you could add a little trays on the side and devise some sort of beer can delivery system. Sure, popping a mini fridge next to the Lazy-boy would be easier, but not nearly as sweet.

Another idea: you could rig up a USB missile launchers controlled by a wireless USB dongle for some killer, cubical warfare…powering the USB might be a problem though. The ideas are endless with this bot. I love it! Expect for the name; the Hammacher Schlemmer name is lame.