WowWee Releases New Paper Jamz Pro-Series Guitars, Now With Downloadable Music

Not content to totally rock your face off with their current Paper Jamz offerings, WowWee has created a new version of the paper-thin guitars complete with downloadable content, more power chords, and special waa waa function that bends notes when you shake the neck.

The new guitars have downloadable songs as well as downloadable guitar sounds including heavy metal and twanging country. They are still quite thin and this time they look nothing like anything Gibson has to offer, so they won’t get sued.

Also released is the new Pro microphone, demonstrated here by a man who can’t sing well.

The mic changes your voice and lets you download new songs with which to sing along. It adds auto-harmony, pitch shifting, and other beneficial audio effects so you don’t sound horrible. The kit will be compatible with Wowwee’s new PaperJamz music download service where you can buy and download music for the guitars and amps.

In all, this is a great showing for Wowwee in the music space and, given that kids are sick of Guitar Hero-type games, it could be a good lateral move for the company to trend kids towards “real” instruments.

The company, in a tragic misstep, also produced a Justin Bieber key-tar.

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