WowWee launches new RS Tri-bot robot

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Just in time for Christmas commercial bonanza, WowWee unveiled the latest robot in its Robosapien line: RS Tri-bot. The little guy seems to sport Rovio-ish ‘legs’ but also an interactive talking feature that is sure to amuse your little sister – or, for our ‘grown up’ peeps, your cat. The whole thing is controlled via a tilt-sensor equipped remote that gives users complete control over their underling. Instead of controlling the robot manually, the RS Tri-bot can be unleashed in a given room, and using built-in sensors, navigate and even comment about its surroundings. Head over to WowWee’s website for all that the RS Tri-bot can do or you can just pick one up at major retailers for $99 right now and find out for yourself. 

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