• Video: Cute Teddy Bear Charatter Reads Tweets For You

    On Friday, we’ve shown you Twimal, a super-cute USB toy for Twitter users that can read specific tweets out loud (so you don’t have to look at the computer screen to follow your time line). But before Takara Tomy, a smaller Japanese toy company called WiZ has brought the so-called Charatter [JP] to the Japanese market, a teddy bear that’s able to do the same. Read More

  • Useless and Japan-only but cute: Mini USB construction site

    Wiz, the Japanese toy maker behind great stuff like the Flying Ultraman and the consolation money pocket calculator, today unveiled their newest stroke of genius, a mini USB construction site [JP, PDF]. Read More

  • Japanese company sells consolation money calculator

    Can the level of disappointment in fellow human beings be measured? Tokyo-based toy maker Wiz says yes, and not only that. Their Isharyou Dentaku (Consolation Money Calculator) [JP] even translates emotional damages into financial data. And why not? Judges do similar things all the time. Read More

  • Flying Ultraman: Japan gets another cool Nippon-exlusive toy

    Tokyo-based toy maker Wiz today unveiled a remote-controlled mini Ultraman figure [JP, PDF] that is able to fly, just like the original in the legendary super hero series. The so-called Charabot Ultraman will hit Japanese stores at the end of January (price: $35), probably without ever making it outside the country. Wiz says it wants to sell the toy mainly to male adults in their 30s and 40s. Read More