Japanese company sells consolation money calculator


Can the level of disappointment in fellow human beings be measured? Tokyo-based toy maker Wiz says yes, and not only that. Their Isharyou Dentaku (Consolation Money Calculator) [JP] even translates emotional damages into financial data.

Type in details of your personality and the relation you have with the offender. Users then need to input details of what led to the negative feelings into the device and push the “What’s the emotional damage button?” on the bottom left.

The calculator then spits out a concrete sum (in Yen) that you should get to cover the emotional damages. Wiz also throws in a couple of invoice sheets that can be handed over to the bad person.

The calculator, which is marketed as a gag item and stress killer, goes on sale in Japan only on January 24 (price: $30). It can also be used like a conventional pocket calculator.

Watch it in action in the video below [JP].

Via Gyao Trend [JP]