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HTC is gone

Gather around, campers, and hear a tale as old as time. Remember the HTC Dream? The Evo 4G? The Google Nexus One? What about the Touch Diamond? All amazing devices. The HTC of 2018 is not the HTC that

Microsoft and Xiaomi to collaborate on AI, cloud computing and hardware

After Microsoft signed a deal to test Windows 10 on Xiaomi devices in 2015 and then Xiaomi bought a trove of patents to help run other Microsoft services on its devices in 2016, today the two companie

Microsoft’s mobile problem may not be a problem at all

When Microsoft announced its Windows 10 strategy last year, the thinking was that the unified platform would drive Windows Mobile and finally bring the Windows phone out of the doldrums where it&#8217

After 2+ Years Of Serving Apps, Windows Mobile Marketplace Will Die On May 9

What a long, strange trip it's been. As Microsoft throws their considerable weight behind the Windows Phone platform, they're running out of love for their still-kicking Windows Mobile OS, and today t

Everything You Need To Know About The Fragmented Mobile Developer Ecosystem

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /> Considering the immense <a href="">fragmentation</a>

iPhone And Android Now Make Up 25 Percent of Smartphone Sales

<img src="" /> Google-powered Android phones and iPhones are both gobbling up market share. The combined worldwide market share of bot

iPhone And Android Now Make Up 25 Percent of Smartphone Sales

<img src=""> Google-powered Android phones and iPhones are both gobbling up market share. The combined worldwide market share of both

Symbian Still Leading In Mobile Ad Click-Through Rates, Android Dropping Fast

<img src="" class="shot2" />Mobile advertising and ad optimization company <a href="">Smaato</a> has released its <a href="ht

LookTel, an app for the blind

<img src="">Now here's a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. <a HREF="">LookTel</a> is an objec

Google Gains, Apple Stays Steady, And Palm Loses In Smartphone Share

<img src=""> No wonder Apple is <a href="

Opera Mini 5 beta gets a non-Java version for Windows Mobile phones

<img src="" class="shot2" /><a href="">Opera Software</a> has been <a href="

Opera Releases Beta Of Native Opera Mini 5 App For Windows Mobile Phones

<img src="" class="shot2" /><a href="">Opera Software</a> has been <a href="

Smartphone Sales Up 24 Percent, iPhone's Share Nearly Doubled Last Year (Gartner)

<img src="" alt="" /> Last year, Apple's iPhone nearly doubled its worldwide market share of smartphone sales to 14.4 percent

Microsoft to WinMo 6.5 devices: You want WinPho 7? You can't handle WinPho 7!

Earlier this week we told you guys that Windows Mobile 6.5 was going to stick around after Windows Phone 7 hits the masses. It would even take on a new name — Windows Phone Classic. With everyon

At last, a PDA so rugged I can hammer nails with it

<img src="" />Here's a question. What use is an <a href="">iPad </a>if you live IN AN AVALANCHE? Eve

Out with the old, in with the new: Windows Mobile 6.5 gets a name change

<img src="" /> If you thought that Windows Mobile 6 would fade into oblivion because Windows Phone 7 is coming soon, think again.

T-Mobile gives an HTC HD2 reminder, now with more fun!

<img src="" /> Last week, T-Mobile teased us all with <a href="">a little jab

Windows Phone 7 Series: Our Take

So the next generation of Windows Mobile, now Windows Phone, has been unveiled at MWC in Barcelona. Greg has already gotten his mitts all over it, and has posted his in-depth impressions over at Mobil

Acer is blowing up with neoTouch and beTouch, more Android and Windows on the way

Acer isn’t showing any signs of slowing down at Mobile World Congress this week. Just this morning, the manufacturer announced the Liquid e and now we have the neoTouch and beTouch. A little str

Qualcomm calls 'first!' on Windows Phone 7 devices

<img src="" /> In case you didn't know, snappy processors are all the rage these days. When I think of fast processors, t
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