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Microsoft to introduce Zune Phone with Windows Mobile 7 at MWC

If there is one rumor that tends to come and go and agonizes Windows Mobile fans, it’s the one about a Zune phone. Although it’s not officially confirmed, Gizmodo has it on good word that

Windows Mobile Finally Checks Out Foursquare

<img src="" width="215" height="176" />For much of the past year, the major criticism of <a href="http:

Windows Mobile developers ask Microsoft: Where's our money, kind sirs?

<img src="" />It's the case of the missing money. Or, less dumb, it's a case of nobody knowing what's going on. Several Windows Mobi

Everything you need to know about Windows Mobile 7

MWC is a few weeks away – it starts on February 15 – and we’re expecting to see a new version of Windows Mobile, version 7, to be launched with hardware soon to follow. We’ve h

Video: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 caught on film

<img src="" alt="Screen shot 2010-01-09 at [ January 9 ] 1.52.20 PM" /> Our buddies over at Ph

Leaked: HTC's handset releases for the first half of 2010

<img src="" /> If HTC's trying to keep their device releases top-secret, they're not doin' a very good job. While individual l

Information That Can Save Lives, Your Own Included. There's An App For That.

<img src="" width="134" height="200" />This is one mobile application I think everyone should have installed. And be recommended by

Video: Windows Mobile Turns Twitter Into Party Boy

<img src="" width="215" height="170" />Earlier this afternoon <a href="

Live demo of Toshiba voice translation software

<img src="" />Boy howdy could I use this thing at CEATEC today. Running on a Windows Mobile handheld, Toshiba has a real-time voice tra

Microsoft releases My Phone backup service, adds premium features

<img src="" width="215" height="169" />Coinciding with the <a href="

Microsoft Debuts Mobile Backup Service 'My Phone', Adds Premium Features

<img src="" width="215" height="169" />Coinciding with the <a href="

Waze Turns Turn-By-Turn Navigation And Mapmaking Into A Free Game

<img src="" width="215" height="92" />Turn-by-turn navigation was one of the features that iPhone users w

Android Now Plays Foursquare Too

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="78" />Foursquare</a> has been all the

MetroPCS is getting a Windows Mobile phone!

MetroPCS has been around since 1994. Windows Mobile has been around in one form or another since 2000. You think at some point their paths would have crossed, right? Nope – not until now, at lea

Microsoft Brings Twitter And Facebook To The Emerging World With OneApp

<img src="" width="204" height="92" />Here in the U.S. (and especially in San Francisco), it's easy to forg

Microsoft to pit Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 against one another?

According to Digitimes, Microsoft will be using a “dual-platform” strategy to compete with Android and the iPhone. 6.5, due to be rolled out October 1, will stay alive just to compete with

Windows Phone's Zune-like interface demoed on video

All the improvements rolling out with Windows Mobile 6.5 (the new UI and set of tools is now “Windows Phone,” though the name Windows Mobile is not completely gone) are coming along quite

Windows Mobile now called "Windows Phone" – no, really

Apparently, it’s been leaked by some loose-lipped presenter at a Microsoft event that “Windows Mobile” is out, and “Windows Phone” is in. Well, Microsoft, I try to get yo

Windows Mobile Will Open Up Its App Store To Developers Soon. Will They Bite?

<img src="" width="140" height="200" /> Today at the 2009 Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans, <a href="">

After the G60, Garmin's devices will only run Android and WinMo

<img src="" />The Garmin nuviphone G60 will come out one day, friends, most likely during the second quarter of this year. And when it do
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