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  • Windows Mobile Finally Checks Out Foursquare

    For much of the past year, the major criticism of Foursquare was that it only worked in a few select cities in the U.S. and was basically iPhone-only. In the past few months, both Foursquare itself and a growing core of third-party developers have changed that. Today brings yet another expansion in the Foursquare universe with the beta launch of a Windows Mobile app. To be clear, this app is… Read More

  • Windows Mobile developers ask Microsoft: Where's our money, kind sirs?

    It’s the case of the missing money. Or, less dumb, it’s a case of nobody knowing what’s going on. Several Windows Mobile developers have complained loudly that they’re owed monies by Microsoft. Microsoft is all, “Don’t worry about it, we’ll get it sorted out,” but then doesn’t, in fact, sort it. Read More

  • Everything you need to know about Windows Mobile 7

    MWC is a few weeks away – it starts on February 15 – and we’re expecting to see a new version of Windows Mobile, version 7, to be launched with hardware soon to follow. We’ve heard some rumors about potential improvements over the current 6.x codebase, but a developer has told us that this new version is so distant from the old WinMo that it is almost unrecognizable. Read More

  • Video: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 caught on film

    Our buddies over at Phonescoop spotted a handset running a copy of the as-of-yet unreleased Windows Mobile 6.5.3 floating around at CES, and were nice enough to snap some footage for everyone not living in the Las Vegas Convention Center this week. They run through just about everything 6.5.3 has to offer, from the new finger-friendly UI to the brand new, seemingly much improved onscreen… Read More

  • Leaked: HTC's handset releases for the first half of 2010

    If HTC’s trying to keep their device releases top-secret, they’re not doin’ a very good job. While individual leaks seem to be rare, they seem to be making a habit out of bundling up all their upcoming releases into one big presentation, which in turn leaks all over the internet. It happened right at the beginning of 2009 and, sure enough, it looks like the first half of 2010… Read More

  • Information That Can Save Lives, Your Own Included. There's An App For That.

    This is one mobile application I think everyone should have installed. And be recommended by them to all of their friends and relatives to boot. Meet iMobile Care, a potential life-saver that you can carry around in your pocket. Launched at the beginning of this month, the app is primarily a reference guide that lets you obtain essential information about medical conditions and situations… Read More

  • Video: Windows Mobile Turns Twitter Into Party Boy

    Earlier this afternoon Fake Steve Jobs took one look at Microsoft’s new Windows Mobile commercial and wrote, “Dancing Twitter icons do not translate into cutting-edge advertising.” I don’t know. I think the commercial is pretty good, but only because it seems to me the strategy here was to turn Internet Explorer, Outlook, Microsoft Messenger and the others into Party… Read More

  • Live demo of Toshiba voice translation software

    Boy howdy could I use this thing at CEATEC today. Running on a Windows Mobile handheld, Toshiba has a real-time voice translation demonstration. It worked quite well. How much longer until we get the Star Trek universal translators? Video inside! Read More

  • Microsoft releases My Phone backup service, adds premium features

    Coinciding with the introduction of the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, Microsoft has upgraded and launched its free phone backup service My Phone – previously in beta – and added a couple of useful premium features to it. Despite the fact that the official My Phone blog and Twitter account remain silent for the time being, users have definitely taken notice and started… Read More

  • Microsoft Debuts Mobile Backup Service 'My Phone', Adds Premium Features

    Coinciding with the introduction of the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, Microsoft has upgraded and launched its free phone backup service My Phone – previously in beta – and added a couple of useful premium features to it. Despite the fact that the official My Phone blog and Twitter account remain silent for the time being, users have definitely taken notice and started… Read More

  • Waze Turns Turn-By-Turn Navigation And Mapmaking Into A Free Game

    Turn-by-turn navigation was one of the features that iPhone users were most looking forward to with the release of the iPhone 3.0 software. Unfortunately, as users quickly found out, turn-by-turn meant either significantly more expensive apps, or a monthly fee. Not only does Waze do it for free, but it offers an interesting gaming element to boot. The reason Waze can be free while other… Read More

  • Android Now Plays Foursquare Too

    Foursquare has been all the rage in the early adopter mobile space the past several months. And it has been peeking outside of the early adopter crowd with things such as local bars offering promotions for Foursquare usage. But it has still been held back a bit by the fact that it has only had an iPhone app and a somewhat clunky mobile web interface. And Foursquare understood that, so it… Read More

  • MetroPCS is getting a Windows Mobile phone!

    MetroPCS has been around since 1994. Windows Mobile has been around in one form or another since 2000. You think at some point their paths would have crossed, right? Nope – not until now, at least. Live images of the Samsung SCH-i220 Code have just leaked out, and there it is, emblazoned across the top of the device: the MetroPCS logo. Running WinMo 6.1 on a QVGA display with EVDO, a… Read More

  • Microsoft Brings Twitter And Facebook To The Emerging World With OneApp

    Here in the U.S. (and especially in San Francisco), it’s easy to forget that most of the world doesn’t have iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android phones, and the like. Much of the world doesn’t even have access to them, and if they did, they are often way too expensive to actually get one. Should those people be without mobile access to services like Twitter and Facebook? Read More

  • Microsoft to pit Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 against one another?

    According to Digitimes, Microsoft will be using a “dual-platform” strategy to compete with Android and the iPhone. 6.5, due to be rolled out October 1, will stay alive just to compete with Android, while WinMo 7 will compete with the iPhone. I don’t think this is as shocking as Gizmodo does, but I certainly don’t see the wisdom in having dueling OSes. Dueling… Read More

  • Windows Phone's Zune-like interface demoed on video

    [ All the improvements rolling out with Windows Mobile 6.5 (the new UI and set of tools is now “Windows Phone,” though the name Windows Mobile is not completely gone) are coming along quite nicely. This video has many of them being demonstrated — some you’ve seen (My Phone) and some you haven’t (Zune interface, alerts… Read More

  • Windows Mobile now called "Windows Phone" – no, really

    Apparently, it’s been leaked by some loose-lipped presenter at a Microsoft event that “Windows Mobile” is out, and “Windows Phone” is in. Well, Microsoft, I try to get your back now and then when you’re misunderstood or wrongly accused, but this is beyond the pale. I can’t think of a worse name to call your operating system. Let me count the reasons why: Read More

  • Windows Mobile Will Open Up Its App Store To Developers Soon. Will They Bite?

    Today at the 2009 Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans, Microsoft is expected to announce that it will soon be opening up its mobile app development program to developers from around the world in preparation for the public launch of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile platform later this year. Starting July 27, developers from 29 countries will gain access to the program and be encouraged… Read More

  • After the G60, Garmin's devices will only run Android and WinMo

    The Garmin nuviphone G60 will come out one day, friends, most likely during the second quarter of this year. And when it does come out, there will be much rejoicing: it’s the last time the Garmin-Asus operating system will be used on a device. From there on out it’s Android and Windows Mobile all the way. Read More

  • Windows Mobile sharing not really "sharing," just "backuping"

    I was about to ignore this email from Microsoft but it seems there is a nugget of wonderful info in there. Remember when we said you could share your apps with four friends – behavior that essentially works on an iPhone and the App Store when you sync to the same iTunes instance? Well you can’t. OK? You can’t. Be quiet. Read More