wind turbines

  • GE Acquires Tall Turbine Tech From Wind Tower Systems

    General Electric (GE, NYSE: GE) announced today that it acquired technology from Wind Tower Systems, that can enable the company to build and ship wind energy equipment that’s more efficient, taller and longer than what it offers now. Longer wind turbine blades, generally, capture more energy from wind. Taller towers to accommodate these blades can be difficult to ship, install and… Read More

  • M9 Defense Raises $1.4 Million For Advanced Hydroforming Technology

    A Seattle-area materials science company, M9 Defense, raised $1.4 million in a series A round, a new SEC filing revealed. According to the company’s website: its core product, Boroclave presses, use hydroforming technology to mass-produce ballistic and non-ballistic composites. The company claims the composites it uses have the highest strength to weight ratios available in… Read More

  • Germany invests $47 billion in offshore wind farms

    The German government today announced plans to build 30 wind farms in the North and Baltic Sea north of Germany. Each facility will cost $1.57 billion. The first farm will become reality this year. By 2030, a total of 25,000 megawatts are supposed to be produced when the grid of interconnected wind farms is finalized. With the record investment, the German government said it wants to increase… Read More