Navy freaking out over the "Holy Grail of Lasers"

Lasers are already being used in the field to shoot down missiles and such, but they are limited in their applications because they require volatile chemical agents or fragile crystal arrays — neith

K2 'Porcupine' flashlight for blinding and poking

Ah, the convergence device. Is there anything better? Probably, but let’s try to stay focused here. Speaking of focused, how would you like 70 lumens of “eye-blinding white light” to

Plastic knuckledusters: The latest threat to our precious bodily fluids

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22425001/vp/23393878#23393878 Friends, back before 9/11, when I was dopey kid, I bought a plastic shiv at a gun show with my Dad. Why? Because back in the 1980s there was l

Military plans to shoot rogue satellite out of the sky

[photopress:satshoot.jpg,full,center] We’re gonna shoot that rogue satellite out of the sky. How clutch is that? Yup, the president just gave the go-ahead to knock that now-broken satellite righ

Navy creates Rail Gun, now working on Quad Damage

Every step real life takes towards being more like a Schwarzenegger movie is a step in the right direction. I wouldn’t mind being killed by one of these things as long as my gravestone says &#82

Taser to Sell Tasing Shotgun Shell

All we are saying/Is give potentially lethal shots to the head with an electronic shotgun shell a chance Taser is one of our least favorite companies — they make weapons and then deny their leth

The Handmade Guns of Chechnya

Ever play video games and look at the odd, futuristic and/or steampunk weapons and say “Wow, wouldn’t it be great if that were real?” Well, just head over to war-torn Chechnya where

Daily Crunch: Shower Scene

Geek Squad Dude Caught Recording Showering Women Juke Tower In-Shower MP3 Player: Bring Your Own Memory Fake Chopsticks for Wannabe Asian Food Nuts The Futurist: Technology and Toys — Sometimes Low-

Samsung Coming Out With Robot Gun To Protect Its South Korean Homeland

Samsung now makes guns and butter. The company will produce sentry robot guns that will be stationed along the Korean Demilitarized Zone. The SGR-A1, which was funded by the South Korean government, w

Coilgunosapien: Destroy All Humans

Marcus of Evosapien has added a mini-railgun to his Robosapien — which already has a damn flamethrower on it — and can now complete the destruction of the Eastern seaboard using his robot

New Nonleathal Weapon Reconsiders the Thresholds "Nonlethal"

Wired has a report up about a new nonlethal weapon developed by the air force over a 10 year period for a cost of $40 million. Dubbed the Active Denial System, or ADS for shorts, the new nonlethal was

SwissMiniGun: Microminiature But Still Real

The SwissMiniGun seems impossibly small, but it’s actually a precision-made pistol that shoots live ammunition. The 2.16-inch Colt Python replica shoots tiny bullets that are scarcely a third of