Israel deploys new, non-lethal ‘stink bomb’ as part of police action


Those wacky Israelis! Police there used a “skunk bomb” for the first time on Friday as part of a crowd control action. The bomb is actually more like super soaker water gun that sprays a vile smelling liquid on people. The liquid is so foul smelling, that people instantly recoil against it. The theory is, if people are freaking out over the horrific smell, they’ll stop doing whatever it was that upset police in the first place.

The liquid, as awful as it may be, is non-lethal, which is what makes it so attractive to police forces around the world.

Then, of course, you’ve got the people who are all, “violation of my rights, yada, yada.” I don’t know, I’d rather be shot with some awful smelling liquid than by rubber bullets, or worse. Then again, I’m the last person you’d find at a protest or rally of any sort.