Snagging Pearson’s AR assets and $1 million in cash, GIGXR is ready for its close up

Meet GIGXR, the new owner of all the assets of Pearson Immersive Learning Group, a subsidiary of the education and media publishing giant, Pearson. Formed specifically to roll up Pearson’s virtu

Vyclone hits the deadpool

The end has come for Vyclone, an app that combines videos shot by different participants at the same event. With a message on its website – and a rather melodramatic introduction – the

Social Video App Vyclone Brings Its Collaborative Video Editor To The Web

Vyclone, a service for creating collaborative videos of events and locations launched its iOS app for last summer. Just about a week ago, the company launched its Android app and today, it is also lau

Social-Local-Mobile Video App Vyclone Now Available On Android, For Cross-Platform Video Mashups

Mobile video app Vyclone launched last summer on iOS to enable users to easily create collaborative videos from certain events and locations. It works like this: Users shoot video with the Vyclone app