Vyclone hits the deadpool

The end has come for Vyclone, an app that combines videos shot by different participants at the same event. With a message on its website – and a rather melodramatic introduction – the company announced today “with a heavy heart” that the Vyclone app will be switched off on July 22, 2016.


Launched in 2012, the company aimed to help its users “make beautiful videos together” by leveraging location data to determine who else was nearby (and using Vyclone) while shooting video in its app. By stitching together videos shot by multiple users, the app was meant to be the ideal tool for producing shareable content during live events like concerts, weddings and family gatherings.

The company had an office in Los Angeles and a development team in London.

Later, Vyclone partnered with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to launch a web-based video editing experience, allowing “anyone to playfully remix a video even if they were not part of the film crew,” a Vyclone spokesperson told TechCrunch at the time.

“Perhaps, one day, we will rise again and together cover all the angles once more,” today’s message by the Vyclone team said.

Vyclone recommends users to download any content they might have stored in its system before they shut down, since they’ll be removing the app from the store and shutting down their servers.

We’ve reached out to Vyclone to get more details about the company’s demise and will update this post once we hear more.