Social Video App Vyclone Brings Its Collaborative Video Editor To The Web

Vyclone, a service for creating collaborative videos of events and locations launched its iOS app for last summer. Just about a week ago, the company launched its Android app and today, it is also launching a web-based experience that focuses less on taking videos than on editing them in the browser. To do so, the service partnered with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team, though the editor works just fine with any modern browser (though only IE will support pinch gestures).

The HTML5-based video editor uses Pointer Events to make the whole experience touch-enabled, as well as Canvas, CSS3, HTML5 video and the requestAnimationFrame API to provide smooth animations.

In many ways, this web experience is a bit of a departure for Vyclone. The mobile apps, after all, are based around the idea that the service will automatically stitch together videos from multiple users who are at the same concert or other live event. Manually editing these videos doesn’t really seem to fit into the whole concept of the service. As a Vyclone spokesperson told us earlier today, however, the company thinks the “web editor enables anyone to playfully remix a video even if they were not part of the film crew. It allows anyone to put their creative stamp on a movie and join in the fun. Plus it’s a great bonus for the Scorsese’s of the world who want their video just so.”

Since its launch in 2012, the company says, its users have created “tens of thousands of multi-angle movies,” so it’s clearly not a massive hit at this point, but it’s clearly a very cool idea and expanding its reach to the Web will surely help the company to find a few more users.