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  • Sonalight Lets Android Users Text While Driving Without Touching A Phone

    Sonalight Lets Android Users Text While Driving Without Touching A Phone

    Android users finally have a way to show up their iPhone-toting, Siri-using counterparts. With Sonalight Text by Voice, a new Y Combinator-backed startup, you can perform entirely hands-free texting. And by hands-free, I mean you don’t have to push a button, tap the screen, or perform any other actions that would require you to take your hands off the wheel. Yes, that’s right… Read More

  • Utter Robustifies Voice Control In Android, Adds App Support

    Utter Robustifies Voice Control In Android, Adds App Support

    Android was doing voice recognition for a long time before Siri came around, but the truth is Apple’s implementation of voice commands made Google’s look limited and out of date. And that hasn’t changed in the last few months, despite a few Siri-like apps that have attempted to cash in on the “talking at your phone” craze. This app, called Utter!, is the first… Read More

  • New machine can transcribe discussions in real-time, capture emotions

    Japan’s telecommunications behemoth NTT is working on a device that can transcribe discussions in meetings automatically and in real-time. Japanese daily The Nikkei is reporting that the current prototype features two cameras with fish-eye lenses and eight microphones to capture what is being said and detect who is speaking. Read More

  • Voice-recognition technology finally utilized in remote controls

    Outdated? OKI and a group of researchers of Waseda University in Tokyo have developed a device that is able to extract a person’s voice from a mix of background noise and other persons’ voices. The new voice-extraction technology is combined with a voice-recognition system that makes it possible to control appliances via spoken commands. The prototype (which there are no photos of… Read More

  • Video: Google speech-to-search iPhone app

    I wonder how well it actually works. We’ll find out sometime today. Read More

  • Moshi voice-controlled clock: good idea, could be better

    I know there have been things like this before, but this one actually looks like a really well-designed little device. The Moshi IVR alarm clock (caution, autoplaying music) is a good-looking little… you know, alarm clock, that has the benefit of voice controls that let you do everything from set the alarm to play a “sleep sound” — whatever that is. That’s a… Read More

  • AT&T uses software trickery to get voice recognition on the iPhone

    AT&T has been working on a research project based on the WATSON speech recognition engine. The project, named Speech Mashups, is a web service that is only activated when the iPhone (or any other modern phone) connects to it. So that means that the actual voice recognition is happening on a remote server and not the phone itself; there is no need to install a plug-in or any other software… Read More

  • Hitachi's new humanoid robot distinguishes voices

    Hitachi showcased the latest version of EMIEW2, their two-wheeled robot, at the Hitachi uValue Convention 2008 [JP], the company’s annual private exhibition. EMIEW2’s biggest selling point is an array of 14 microphones integrated into its head. The robot is able to tell the difference between three human voices simultaneously. Hitachi developed a voice recognition technology that… Read More

  • Alarm clock responds to your hungover outbursts

    Picture this; after a long night out full of white wine spritzers and Apple Pucker, the last thing you want to do is lift up your arm to hit the snooze button. It’d be much easier to yell “STOP!” while face-down in a puddle of your own drool, am I right? Luckily, this “voice interactive” alarm clock from Hammacher Schlemmer oughta do the trick. It responds to 10… Read More

  • Sprint offers free web-based phone call translation

    Oh boy, I gotta see this. Sprint’s offering its new “WebCapTel” service to people who don’t have trouble speaking but might be a little hard of hearing. The basic idea is pretty simple. You sign up for the service and register your phone number at SprintCapTel.com and when someone calls you, you can log into the site and have what they’re saying automatically… Read More

  • TellMe: A Robot Does the Searching, You Do the Swearing

    Oliver at MobileCrunch and Mike at TC got to test out the latest version of TellMe, a voice-enabled search service that lets you tell a robot what you’re looking for. The robot then sends you a map, if necessary, and lets you call the locaation or SMS directions to friends. TellMe requires a tiny standalone app for the mapping and it seems to be free right now, so it’s a… Read More